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vicisdope started grow question 2 years ago
Why are leaves yellowing so fast? See aug 2 photo

Suspected nitrogen deficiency / overwater / light burn

-Grapefruit auto seed 3 weeks
-Recently transplanted into smart pot
-mist with hydrogen peroxide (mold scare)
-Epsom salts added to soil
-2-0-0 nute in 6.5 ph water
S03 E01 | Grapefruit Goof
8 weeks
S03 E01 | Grapefruit Goof vicisdope
Grapefruit Autoflowering
2 comments · 2 years ago
Week 4
Leaves. Other
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey again Vic. You can rule out overwatering because the first sign would be droopy leaves. And as far as misting plants I avoid it like the plague! Lol I just don't think it is worth the risks of issues that can come along with it. If you do then never do it with the lights on because the droplets can magnify the light and burn/ bleach the plants. Finally the only benefit of Epsom salt is the magnesium but salt is pretty much the biggest enemy your roots have to begin with when using chemical fertilizers. Most all the nutrients come in salt form. Too much salt locks out nutrients to the roots. That is what is going on here the nitrogen deficiency you are seeing is from lockout because you are giving her plenty of nitrogen. I would flush her out with plain pH water and then place a fan towards the pot do it will dry out faster and you don't end up with overwatering issues. I would give plain water the next few feedings and hopefully she will pull out of it. Depending on how much salt is in there it might be hard to recover unfortunately. Sorry for the bad news but hopefully it gets you headed in the right direction. Good luck