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MarcXL started grow question 1 year ago
As you can see on some pics of week 5 the 2 topped girls developed curled leaves.

PH is about 6.4, EC unknown and I can't measure. Organic nutrition, lowered dose as some leaves were on the darker green side.
I water them about all 5 days with 1500ml water
Week 5
Leaves. Curl down
Philindicus answered grow question 1 year ago
Your plants definately are clawing I would stop giving them all nutrients. If it was my grow I would give the ones that are clawing a bit of a flush until my runoff ppms were in the 600-750 range regardless of the fact that you are using organic nutes. Then let them dry out a bit before the next watering if the leaves straighten out before your next watering add 1/2 strength nutes. If they continue to recover then increase the nutrients gradually. What wasn't clear was it sounds like you water every 5 days? is that correct? If that is the case what may be happening is you may be waiting too long to water and as the soil dries out the concentration of the nutrients increases in the soil causing the toxicity. I would get a TDS meter to monitor the runoff ppms and ph in the future to make sure your plants are feeding on what your putting into them and it's not building up in the pots. Try to check your runoff once a week. You can either lower your nutes and feed every time or alternate with plain water in between feedings. Hope this helps.:+1:
Bulbi answered grow question 1 year ago
hey markXL, the clawing is not a symptom of nutrient excess although it's kind of related, rather it's a light root problem probably water mold. The extra availability of water is also giving too much N to the plant but the dark green and the clawing arent for the same reasons , rather the extra wetness creates water mold and other bacteria that will make too much N as well as lead to root problems which is what the clawing is a symptom of. Just be a bit more diligent with the watering of that plant sometimes the compacted dirt doesnt dry out nicely in the very middle of the pot. So either a hygrometer or another method but a strict wet dry cycle will prevent the problem from getting worse. You can actually make the plant almost fully recover if you break down the problem roots with enzymes, humic acid or something like that.... consider adding beneficial bacteria once the problem is solved because the bad mold will actually kill the beneficials everytime . Hope this Helps MarkXL ! :rocket: