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Darkmanx started grow question 4 years ago
Common theme is a week of sugars and a week of flush. But here's what doesn't get talked about... Do I keep the PPM stable or do I let it rise/fall. If I'm running straight up RO, the water is going to gain more ppm. Does that mean I should change Rez daily? Add sugars daily?
Blueberry 420 DWC Stealth
15 weeks
Blueberry 420 DWC Stealth Darkmanx
Auto Blueberry 420
95 comments · 4 years ago
Week 12
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BigDaddyK answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi bro , I check ppm/ec and ph daily , I fill with ph tap water (mine is 0.4 EC ) sometimes twice a day , to maintain , I add between 1-5 ml of nutrient base ( A+B) , I ONLY ADD sugar and boost when I change the whole reservoir , to fresh solution , I change solution every 10 days in flower :hibiscus:,less in veg ( if ever ) - I flush for two weeks with pure RO (0) water , if you let the ppm rise and fall it's no big deal as long as its not excessive , DWC really doesn't need much at all , I am trying a 3 week flush as an experiment , but 1 week seems ok .question do you want sugar in your buds or thc?
Smokwiri answered grow question 4 years ago
Last 2 week's I wouldn't use any sugar boosters
it can happen that the taste of the booster ends up in your end product
I use molasses as organic booster (most sugar boosters contain mollasses), when you don't stop feeding molasses in the last two weeks, your weed will have a taste of molasses in it (for me a no go).
biggreens420 answered grow question 4 years ago
Your ppm should fall when flushing is it recirculating? If so i would change daily u don't want the same run off going back through if not you should be ok i think don't grow dwc though so someone like @BigDaddyK will probably be able to explain better