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SmokeyZoot started grow question 5 years ago
Can somebody take a look at the pics of the leaves i have taken and tell me what they think is wrong with the plant? I’m feeding tap water Ph’d to 6.3 and only fed nutes once about a week ago and have just fed water since.
1st Grow Auto Blue Amnesia
3 weeks
1st Grow Auto Blue Amnesia SmokeyZoot
Auto Blue Amnesia
5 comments · 5 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Edges burnt
ShaggyGrower answered grow question 5 years ago
Those tips are showing the start of nutrient burn. Also, the tips are curling down (drooping ends) which is usually a sign of Nitrogen toxicity. Feeding water is good, but ideally you just want to feed a very low ppm/ec of your Grow feed. The plants will still need nutes, just not as much as you've been giving them. ~300ppm/0.6EC is a good 'just water' measure. If your (tap?) water has high ppm, it might just be tap water. If it is low, you can squeeze some ppm's of your Grow feed with the 'just water'. Those blisters look like a ph issue, but your ph at 6.3 should be ok if a little high for veg. Try ph 6.0 to get rid of any more blistering as some strains get stressed more easily than others when the ph is not what they want. None of this is terminal and you have lots of veg time to nail it down :)
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Those burnt leaf tips are a sign of nutrient burn. The feeding you gave it last week was too strong.
Just give it water for now.
Kindbudz answered grow question 5 years ago
The browning on the top of the plant is nute burn. Make sure you are using 1/4 doses of whatever the packaging states for you to use at this stage of vegitation. As far as the light green spots it could be a manganese or magnesium Deficiency but it’s nothing to worry about right now. Hope this helps.