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Michka started grow question 4 years ago
I did start put a little bit of colloïdal silver on one bud.. My question is: will the all plant go hermies or just the stem ? How long does it takes before seeing some male flowers ?
Franco's lemon cheese
16 weeks
Franco's lemon cheese Michka
Franco's Lemon Cheese
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Week 11
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Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi there! Very interesting operation in here! Only the stem you spray should go hermie. Keep spraying daily until you see the beginning of male pollen sacs forming, usually around 10-14 days. I'll be around, keep us up-to-date, and happy growing!
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 4 years ago
Complete honesty, I’ve never used colidal silver before personally. But from what I’ve read you can spray a specific part of the plant to force that part to flip to make and start producing pollen without affecting the rest of the plant. I read it takes several weeks for the plant to switch to producing pollen and colidal silver needs to be applied daily until it flips. Also strong warnings about not smoking any part of the plant that was exposed to colidal silver. Good luck!