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MrGreenFingers started grow question 3 years ago
Has my grow stalled, seem very under developed for this stage, the very tops seemed to have got slightly bigger this week but not by much but all the lower stuff has stayed tiny! There just not filling in at all in length or breadth, should I flush or carry on as I am?
DWC First Photoperiod grow SLH
20 weeks
DWC First Photoperiod grow SLH MrGreenFingers
Super Lemon Haze
55 comments · 3 years ago
Week 13
Buds. Not fattening
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi, ive been looking through your Diary and the Girls started to flower in week 11, that means you are in 3.rd week of flower. I think your Girls will need 7-8 more weeks in flower.. The only thing your GIrl need now is TIME. Nutrients by itself wont help alone. Its always the big Match of LIGHT, POTSIZE ( ROOTS) And TIME. Your LIghts are good, Potsize is fine. Dont overdo it with The Nutrients, save your booster , give it in 4 weeks . Happy growing
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
i think its a combination of not enough air and shitty r ur roots? dwc u should be miles plant development..............................
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so i will agree that the plant on the left does seem a bit minimal with leaf count, and i see your burnt tips, i also noticed a few leaves that seem somewhat curled. If they got picky with nutes and had a small freak out it may be that this is what you have to work with, if you could not have any more damage to the remaining leaves that would be good...sometimes easier said than done though. But also you're only 6 weeks into flowering and this strain has a 9-10 frame...which in my opinion probably means more like 11-12 especially since its a haze and they typically have a longer flowering time. Id say keep her nutes low for a bit, watch out for wind burn if your fans are going, and watch your reservoir and roots closely. It may be just a matter of being patient and letting the flowering progress slowly. Happy growing, I hope things smooth out.:v:
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey ChroT, yeah this is taking way longer than it should be ! have you been root pruning ? root pruning is when you clip some roots off , maybe check out the " air pruning " technique... why it works : plants need our help to survive, and they need our help to thrive, simply put : they need help clipping old roots so they can make new ones. Anyway, hope this helps, there's still hope i think ! :rocket: