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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
Last question was pretty noob haha...I AM pretty noob afterall. Curious what rules others go by r.e. flushing their coco. I've heard some say, as a rule, once a week. Others only when probs. appear. Also, how often do you feed between straight watering, or do you feed ev. day? Ty
3 weeks
Green Crack
9 comments · 4 years ago
Week 5
Techniques. Defoliation
MUDBUG answered grow question 4 years ago
If u in coco u have to feed everywatering and keep tabs of the ppm u dont have to worry about flushing coco unless you over feed her its just like hydro your ph has to stay in a coco range your plant uptake is like hydro if u watch ppms you will not have to flush till the last 3 weeks u need a 14- 21 day flush in coco but feed her every watering exp with calmag:+1::+1::v::v::beers::beers:
TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 4 years ago
As solo said above, best to keep it simple: regarding the flush, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Use a flush to clear out the medium when there’s a problem, otherwise feed/water as usual. Regarding nutes and feed, a good rule of thumb is to feed with nutes every other watering until you dial in perfect amounts and Required frequency (only acquired through experience). Hope it helps and reach out any time. Cheers