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Reaper started grow question 4 years ago
is it normal that the plant looks like this at this age (12weeks from seed)? the buds still seem very young and small
Northern Light auto royal queen seeds
15 weeks
Northern Light auto royal queen seeds Reaper
Northern Light Automatic
22 comments · 4 years ago
Week 12
Buds. Not fattening
Michka answered grow question 4 years ago
My opinion is maybe this strain don't like too warm climat ? After 12weeks you are supposed to be ready for harvest.. The problem wkth autos is that they are running the clock, if you had problems with high temps, they got lower growth for some days or week, and they 'll never be able to catch back the train... So i think it' s time to watch carrefully hiw your trichomes are, and don't worry, you will have a nice thing to smoke ! Always hard in spring/summer to manage temps, give another tryto this strain in fall/winter, i'm pretty sure you'll do a better yeld ! Happy growing
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
hi man, sorry i don't know why your plants are taking so long, might be a problem of missing nutrients? are u using pk 13/14, these seems the right moment to use it.
And about your lamp switch...well i'm not very expert about growing, but i am about lights, and without taking to long, change the type of light in this stage of her life is a very bad idea, very stressful and useless at this point.
this might be why your plants are getting forever to fatting up!
Good luck buddy!