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EskereWMaGirlz started grow question 4 years ago
If i cut too early the taste will be much worst?
Critical Glue X Cactido
8 weeks
Critical Glue X Cactido EskereWMaGirlz
Critical Glue X Dosidos
9 comments · 4 years ago
Week 7
Techniques. Defoliation
Michka answered grow question 4 years ago
Why would you do that ? You did a nice job for now, and you want to waste it by cutting your baby too early ? At this point you will have only bad taste and no stone effect at all.. She clearly need some more weeks buddy ! And a good flush will help you to have a nice taste... Please do 't do that, you' re on the right way, just have to be patient... Hope i helped you ! Happy growing
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
If you dont flush the taste will be much worse. The better key to harvesting at the optimum time for yummy is watching the trichromes...if you can aim to not have any clear, but fairly even on milky and amber, she should be at the perfect cut down moment.
The plants look amazing, I cant wait for the finish.
Happy growing to you. :blush::seedling::green_heart:
Thegermling509 answered grow question 4 years ago
Taste is based on nutrients and primarily on how well you cure your bud at the end. And bro, the pistils on your bud are all WHITE. They need to be almost all brown/rust/amber. You still have well over 3 weeks on that imho.
PharmaZ answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes it will taste much worse, looking at the development you’re also going to be twitching if our smoke that shit expect paranoia. “Been there done that”
Just cruise it out for another 2 weeks you will have a grade! Looking at your frosty buds now it would be a waste to chop it early. So much more potential left in your plants.
The taste will be green from too much clorophy no matter how much you dry and cure it will never dissipate because there are not enough sugars to process it. What I mean is your plant is still living, cells are still multiplying rapidly...
Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes it will have a grassier taste if you haven’t given it the time it needs to flush out any additional nutrients. You will also loose a dramatic amount of weight as most of a buds weight is put on over the last two to three weeks of growth.