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AnneJ started grow question 2 years ago
Does she look ready for harvest??? I don't want total couchlock, but I also don't want headaches.
Purple Kush
17 weeks
Purple Kush AnneJ
Purple Kush
21 comments · 2 years ago
Week 16
Techniques. Defoliation
Caribbean answered grow question 2 years ago
Looks fine but not ready yet. Do you have a magnifier ? If so then the effect you want is the effect of a 100% cloudy trichomes ratio. If you don't have a magnifier you will not have the desired effect or only with a bit of luck or if you are growing a clone and know exactly when to cut to get the desired effect. So magnifier + trichomes check + 90% cloudy = ready to harvest for a perfect effect
Stick answered grow question 2 years ago
Hi @AnneW! Pistils can be a clue, if you noticed that new pistils have stopped appearing and old pistils have almost all turned red and curly, but the best way to ensure it's the right time is to look at the trichomes with a magnifier/microscope. Clear/Transparent/Skinny trichomes mean it's too soon, Milky/Cloudy/Fat trichomes mean the harvest window is open, Amber trichomes mean the harvest window is ending, and THC is degrading, turning into CBD/CBN. Looking at your last pictures, I think it's a bit early, because I see loads of white pistils so that makes me think your buds are not fully mature, but no one can tell better than you (with the help of a magnifier/microscope). I'd recommend to keep an eye on trichome's evolution and start to flush when you see the first milky trichomes, for a balanced high you probably want 25% amber 75% milky. Hope this will helpo, keep us up-to-date and happy growing! :facepunch:
LongJohn420 answered grow question 2 years ago
Yep trichomes is the way to go. But if you can't somehow get that loop about 80% hairs brown is good indicator when near your strains "date".. but yeah get that magnifier :+1:
happy grows! :alien:
KrautFabrik answered grow question 2 years ago
First she looks really good :sunglasses::+1: the best way to find the harvest window is to use a Juwelier magnifier and watch the trichomes. First they are clear than they turn cloudy. Cloudy is the right moment, after cloudy they turning amber. More percent of amber will lead to a couchlock :+1: so go and get a cheap juwelier magnifier :grin: nobody can tell you the right moment without seeing the trichomes.
Best wishes :v: