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banema started grow question 5 years ago
What do you think is the best time to transfer them to the 12/12 regime because I am limited by a tent height(160x80x80cm) and temp. is going very hot? Also, which feeding schedule you recommend given that they grow in the soil? (AN"Jungle Juice","Sensizim","CarboLoad","BigBud")
Week 5
Other. Bugs
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Wait until you have filled the canopy then switch to 12/12. Nothing wrong with a short plant, the important thing is to have a full even canopy; a good, full, even canopy is what's going to give you a nice yield. Don't try to force a schedule on to your plants, it's better to learn to read them as their capacity to take nutrients depends on your ambient temperature and humidity and quantity of light. As a rule of thumb, feed with a strength of 0,7 to 0,8 EC /300-400 PPM once a week, Why? It usually takes 7 to 10 days for a plant to react to a feeding, you can't do too much wrong with that strength in soil. Did the foliage become light green or develop signs of deficiencies? next time use a strength of 1.0 EC/ 500 PPM, Did the foliage show signs of overfeeding? Go easier on the nutes next time, or use pure water. It's easy to compensate for a slight deficiency and it won't impair flowering, but a nutrient burn can seriously hurt your plant.
Finally only start feeding them once you notice your soil is not giving them what they need, a good soil mix can last the whole veg and part of the flower stage. For me 3 gallon/11 liter of soil can feed 5 weeks of veg and 3 weeks of flower with only water.
Green09Ranger answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi mate! Wait till the 5, 6th week. I love biobizz nutrients, biogrow and biobloom are awesome .
CANNASIM answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi there, tipically the girls double in size during the stretch fase. Keep that in mind, i tipically swith in the 6th week.

I use AN, too but the Sensi grow bloom. I cut their dosage in the schedule availiable in the app or their website in half.

Main ones for me are Voodoo juice > wirks really well for the roots.

Early PK > Bud Ignitor / Mid PK BiG Bud - Late PK > overdrive.

Carbo load i dont have around but use a substitution from another brand basically feeds the soil life.

Another thing i strongly suggest trying out is Recharge from real growers, pack a punch for the roos uniting many products in one, thichoderma, mycorrhizae, humic fulvic... Is solid and works well.

Have a look in AN app is nice and show you exacly the timming for each booster and dosage by base line.

Happy growing cheers
Doggy answered grow question 5 years ago
Personally I would also wait a while longer, I suggest trying to push the light away a couple of cm more and leave at least this week so that you sprout some extra knot, regarding the nutrients I have seen excellent results with AN, Big bud and overdrive make a excellent work!