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smalinet Apprentice
Rock Machine
Growing it
This is 100% indica and it behaves exactly as it should.
A strong, prolific plant with powerful buds and a huge appetite.
At the start, I missed the beginning of a calcium deficiency, although the previous plant did not show dissatisfaction in similar conditions.
For those who grow in coconut, I advise you to pay attention to this point and better monitor your wards. Then I singed the tops a little with a new lamp, but it didn't matter - it grew and grew.
Easily suffered LST and defoliation.
The structure of the buds fully corresponds to the description of the seedbank - very dense and heavy. When I removed the supporting structures, one of the branches almost reached the floor under the weight of the bud.
Smell. At the moment, the aroma of resin is most strongly felt. And this is clearly a pine tree. I have been to sawmills and this is exactly the noble smell. Notes of sweetness, bitterness and hashish were felt more during the growth of the plant. But the full range of flavors will be clear only after drying and using through a vaporizer.
Trip Report

First, I will start with a single smoke a day after the harvest.
Location of the action: my apartment
Participating persons: I am in the number of 1 pc.
Tool: bong with bowl ~ 0.3-0.5 g
The organoleptic properties (smell, taste) are now at a very low level, I will not describe them. I can say that it comes easily, but so far, because of the chlorophyll on the exhale, there is a cough.
It does not roll over immediately, gradually. After a smoke, in the first two seconds, the thought "Is it really not rushing?" arose, I sat down on a chair, climbed on the forum, opened one tab, another, began to smile, inspiration appeared, and after a couple of messages I realized that it was not the beginning, but already quite hooked.
The side vision is not that narrowed, but blurred, you have to turn your head a little more.
The feeling of a "helmet" quickly appeared and disappeared - a slight pressure in the occipital and frontal lobes.
If the Gorilla gave detachment from problems, Rock Machine gives indifference in principle. After using it, I simply drove all the problems to the back of my mind. When trying to bring the experience into my skull, the brain gave out only one "So what? Yes, I don't care somehow."
Also, after the first cap, the legs are filled with lead (but only after you sit down longer, while you walk, they simply turn into springs and you can go anywhere) after the second, the hands with the body already become closer to the wax. You can feel the influence of NL - it doesn't rub you, but just covers you with a warm blanket and you get high from the situation.
And the most important feeling that the Rock Machine gives is the desire to relax and contemplate.
Here is a phrase that I wrote under the influence of MR "I want to sit under a tree with my eyes half closed and sit motionless like a Buddha, contemplating all the worldly vanity with a peaceful smile."

Two days after the harvest.
Location: lake in the village
Participating persons: I, friend " K "and friend" B"
Tool: 1.5 L gravity bong
In terms of consumption, nothing new-it enters easily, then a cough. Everyone was with a different toler, I have the strongest (daily), weaker К (once a week) and В (once a month).
We were fishing on a float.
At the beginning, I had a stress-the fishing rod lived for two fishing trips and the tip broke in half. Not that I was very upset, but it still became a little offensive (it is subject to repair, fortunately). At this point, I had to redo everything and then smoke a water bottle. We made one pass each.
I still have the same feelings, K's are similar (but stronger), B- could not get up and recognize the area (but remained social and understood the situation in principle, just allowing my consciousness to "float").
As a result, the time passed very quickly. I had to catch up with the full volume once in 4 hours of the process, K-by about 0.5 Liters, B-flew away for all 4 hours.
One of the dialogues (about 20 minutes after use):
Q: Guys, I don't understand how you do something at all, look at the float
K: I've been fishing here for 10 years, I can do it with my eyes closed
Me: Yes, I didn't say that I understand, the body does everything automatically.
And again, even in such moments of bodily relaxation, you completely retain the social element, and the first 30 minutes even euphoria and a craving for communication.

To summarize, at the moment I can say that I smoked grass and stronger, but here is the effect itself. For 4 hours, we rested as I sometimes do not rest for 8 hours of healthy sleep. Heals the body and soul. In choosing a staff for the evening, he clearly did not lose.
5 months ago
smalinet Apprentice
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Growing it
Very easy to grow. Quite elongated even with LST. Very productive, and perfectly endured all the training
8 months ago

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