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I was in a bind for this grow and local store had Roots Organic Uprising stuff, seemed like the best option with the minimal research I did. I like these nutrients but as with everything else, I'm wanting to switch to individual organic inputs and control things a bit more myself. If I am unable to do that effectively or efficiently, I will happily use Roots Organic nutrients in the future.
these products are amazing. definitely see the results and if your not careful you will burn them. the elemental (cal-mag) worked wonders. fixed my calcium def. and didnt have an issue with it again the rest of the grow. i will continue using these as long as i use soil.
I have since the end of this run purchased the entire line up from Aurora Innovations. the roots organics dry line will be what im using for the next few grows. until i run out of all of these 3LB bags... and thats going to take a bit. Huge fan. and would recommend and have been doing just that
Un grand plaisir de travailler avec cette marque la gamme soul me plaît vraiment bien elle est bien complète et les plantes non eu aucune carence .
Tellement content de cette gamme j' hésite à essayer la dernière gamme que je n est pas tester ou refaire un set avec cette gamme
Great for soil amendments
Hey Aurora....send me nutes, this stuff is great. Will be using less bloom booster in the future.
Love the nutrients, think I might teeter off the Bloom Booster towards the end, not seeing gains and think its causing more problems than good.