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Very impressed. Just wished it mixed better. The EC and TDS seem to be very high
Nice products that don't burn in heavy doses. They don't mix as well but are nice nonetheless. Highly recommend
i fell in love with these nutrients. i found them in a magazine and went on their website and ordered a sample pack. ever since then ive been sold. they help out my grow so much. you can see the difference. good quality organic dry amendments
I've used Aurora's Roots Organics line as my main nutrient source (and soil) since I've started growing and they have been incredible. The nutrients last if used correctly and my grows have been super consistent with them.
Nice products. Just wised they mixed a little easier
Very good product. Only issue is it seems to have a very high TDS and EC. So when watering it doesn't drain and saturate as well. But plants still love it and no burn issue when used at 2X recommend dose
these products are amazing. definitely see the results and if your not careful you will burn them. the elemental (cal-mag) worked wonders. fixed my calcium def. and didnt have an issue with it again the rest of the grow. i will continue using these as long as i use soil.
Just started using these and so far I love them all. I'm sold.
Very good nutrients. Plants seem to like it and they can take high doses
Love these products staple in my grow room.
Un grand plaisir de travailler avec cette marque la gamme soul me plaît vraiment bien elle est bien complète et les plantes non eu aucune carence .
Not bad! I’ll have to keep using these products to give a better more thorough review!
Tellement content de cette gamme j' hésite à essayer la dernière gamme que je n est pas tester ou refaire un set avec cette gamme
The Uprising really came through and will be feeding more with the Uprising.
Really made a difference in the beginning of the bloom cycle.. the girls popped right up and stretched even more than I thought they would.
I really loved the Terp Tea's, I won't use them as my primary feed next run, however they will definitely be apart of my process. I will be going all roots organic again.