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I think potassium silicate can really helps in some situations, but also in general..this one is a great choice

5 days ago

my lovely and powerfull plant feeding

1 week ago

Potassium silicate works well, this one is mixed with a fulvic acid, so, it's better more

2 weeks ago

Very nice products, I think improve my grow

2 weeks ago

Really like that you can go the whole cycle with a single, cost effective, product. Really amazing for beginners!

3 weeks ago

Pretty good fertilizer with potential for great results!!

I used Bio-Nova fertilizers for most of my first grows and as much as it is a good fertilizer containing most of the elements needed for a complete cycle it isn't the most beginner friendly since it is easy to both overfeed and underfeed.

4 weeks ago

Unfortunately I haven't had the fertilizer so long. The next grows it will be fully tested, I can only say I'm impressed with the time it has been used

1 month ago

This fertilizer is so powerful and the terps comes very good out

2 months ago

my absolute new love in feeding! very strong and good product!!!! personality tip

2 months ago

This pheno was a mutant but i got 41 gr :+1:

2 months ago

Good rooting nutrient

2 months ago
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