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First time used. Too results. Recommendation from my side:+1:
First run with these nutes, brought the Dogshit to its max. Will keep it definitely:+1:
My favorite sure a secret tip
Top products, pushed the Chimera to its limits.
First time with these nutes and im absolutely convinced. Boosted this grow immensly.
I was to early with flush my mistake but this Nutrients is best Quality!!
Just love it! Perfect growth, no problems at all :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Good, did the thing very well
The "MONSTER BUD BOOST PACK" is a great way to start with nutrients but they should give alot more X-Cell instead of the other bottles though, because you need to use X-Cell in the veg stage as well.
I only used a half of the recommended amount to avoid the nutrients burn at the beginning of the grow. According to the answers to my question, I used a little more later on. Once again, nothing to compare with so I can’t say how they impacted the growth
Still my favorite brand. I'll keep on using this brand, and adding other stuff when needed !!
First time I used these nutrients, and I'm very satisfied. All products are easy to use and work as they promise.