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Bio PK 5-8


Mega zufrieden und den Pflanzen scheint es auch gut zu gefallen:sweat_smile:
Love their stuff but seemed to cause an N tox this time.
Stick to 1ml or less for flowering. Boom Boom is good.
Love these nutes. Works really well and no messing around with a lot of bottles.
Keep it to low doses during flower after week 6 otherwise it'll be too much.
Love their stuff. Worked really well with this strain and gave me no problems at all.
Worked out really really well for this grow. Use orgatrex every other watering right up to a week before harvest.
The BioTabs products work very well as a supplement to my main fertilizer from FLOrganics.
Still trying to figure them out. Either I end up with N tox or N def.
It's good but I still suffer some deficiencies in flowering towards the end. Need to pin down what's wrong but other than that great stuff. Bud Booster and the boom boom spray work wonders
Found it to have some deficiencies towards the end but I'm going to try feeding with orgatrex every now and then next grow.
Gives that extra boost to your flowers and really helps pack on the weight.
I'd love to use more of their stuff but I either get a N def or N tox when using it so I'll have to reassess the whole process and try again in the future
Helps fatten up the buds week 6 onwards