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I really really loved these nutrients. Bio Grow is a little too thick for my liking, but that's the way it is. Besides that detail, I really liked them.
Gostei muito de usar estes produtos, correu tudo bem. Aconselho a outros cultivadores
Excellent choice for the novice Bloom is very low on PPM so best use more than you think. Or get a meter like I did and experiment.
Ambos muy buenos complementos para regular ph y entregar nutrientes en parámetros ideales
Compañero de cultivo para dar nutrientes en su ph correcto
I goofed fairly regularly and fairly hard with all of my nutrient additions. The plants still gave a good result though, so must have done something right. The only complaint really is the sticky mess that gets made whenever I measure out the liquids haha.
Great nutes for a beginner
BioBizz is amazing as usual :raised_hands:
BioBizz is amazing as usual :raised_hands: