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Is the nutrition I have used the most in my grows over the years. Works well, especially once you get the hang of how they work together.
It did its job. It's the nutrition I know best
Works good. I have used it for a long time
I been using it a long time. Works great.
It works good. It is the nutrition I know the best. Looking into others though that support growers better
It works. I am just use to using it. People that own and run the company are not supportive.
Good for frequent use throughout veg.
Works great once you learn your amounts for weed. Company doesn't really care much for their users from my experience of using it for years, and contacting them several times. I know it the best as of now.
Couldn't say if this mattered at all. Don't plan to use it in another grow until I found out otherwise.
Been using BP a long time. My biggest complaint is the company does not care about its users from my experience
I'll stick with the dried extract from now on. It keeps much longer and is way easier to mix.