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Mike Long is a founder of Blu Moon that started its history 17 years ago. The main goal was to create the top quality product. The result was Blu Moon's original Two Part Dutch Formula that is based on he highest quality minerals.

The Blu Moon line contains effective additives and basic nutrients. All product helps to solve problems in eah step of growth.

Blu MoonBlu Moon

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Sour Livers
2 years ago

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These auto plants need high amounts of calmag brand is irrelevant

7 months ago

I’m just not getting the yeild I’m hoping for. One more mystic run in the flower tent and I think that’s it

1 year ago

I gave this brand of five star rating only because all nutrients are the same shit and I use Cal mag because it's important in an indoor garden when you're pushing your plants

2 years ago

Using but will switchboard it up bc had cal Mag deficiencies

2 years ago

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