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Age Old Organics, established in 1984, has been a trusted name in the organic nutrient industry for gardeners and growers. They offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, sustainable, and effective plant fertilizers and nutrients that cater to both novice gardeners and expert growers. Age Old Organics' products are widely used in various settings, including greenhouses, container gardening, landscaping, commercial hydroponic production, and more.
Their product line includes both dry and liquid blends. The liquid blends, specifically, are concentrated formulas that need to be diluted before use. These blends provide essential nutrients and beneficial substances necessary for healthy plant growth and increased biological activity in soils. Some of their notable products include Age Old Grow, Age Old Bloom, Age Old Kelp, Age Old Fish and Seaweed, Age Old CalMag2, and Age Old Calcium. These products are designed to support different stages of plant growth, from vegetative to flowering and fruiting stages, and are suitable for both foliar feeding and soil application.
Age Old Organics emphasizes the importance of maintaining soil health and leveraging natural sources of nutrients. Their commitment to developing sustainable and effective fertilizers aligns with modern agricultural practices and environmental stewardship​

Age Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old Organics
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6 months ago
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7 months ago
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