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Age Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old OrganicsAge Old Organics

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Honey peach cbd
11 weeks
Honey peach cbd wheedtobeus420
Honey Peach Auto CBD®
26 comments · 2 years ago

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Personal Christmas gift
15 weeks
Personal Christmas gift raptor65
Northern Lights
43 comments · 3 months ago
Honey peach cbd
11 weeks
Honey peach cbd wheedtobeus420
Honey Peach Auto CBD®
26 comments · 2 years ago
Crystal Candy F1 FV
21 weeks
Crystal Candy F1 FV Frosted_Cannabliss
Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version
40 comments · 2 weeks ago
Let’s Think Different.
13 weeks
Let’s Think Different. wheedtobeus420
Think Different
39 comments · 2 years ago
Auto Ultimate
14 weeks
Auto Ultimate wheedtobeus420
Auto Ultimate
44 comments · 2 years ago
4/20 release hubbabubbahaze
13 weeks
4/20 release hubbabubbahaze wheedtobeus420
39 comments · 2 years ago
Strawberry nuggies
13 weeks
Strawberry nuggies wheedtobeus420
Strawberry Nuggets
9 comments · 2 years ago
Cream caramel
9 weeks
Cream caramel wheedtobeus420
Cream Caramel Auto®
24 comments · 2 years ago
Orange diesel
13 weeks
Orange diesel wheedtobeus420
Orange Diesel
5 comments · 2 years ago
Cream mandarine
10 weeks
Cream mandarine wheedtobeus420
Cream Mandarine Auto®
34 comments · 2 years ago
10 weeks
blackberry wheedtobeus420
10 comments · 2 years ago

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Day 1
1 week
Day 1 witchy999
+1 strain
2 comments · 11 hours ago
First "Real" Grow
1 week
First "Real" Grow TrustyTravXX
+1 strain
2 comments · 1 week ago
Black cherry punch grow
10 weeks
Black cherry punch grow Mattshigh420
Black Cherry Punch
3 comments · 4 days ago
Blueberry donut by lorax315
11 weeks
Blueberry donut by lorax315 Goshdangyetti
Blueberry donut by lorax315
8 comments · 1 day ago
Some Old Clones!
4 weeks
Some Old Clones! iMeus
+2 strains
3 comments · 1 week ago
Passion of the Widow
7 weeks
Passion of the Widow iMeus
White Widow
2 comments · 4 weeks ago
My 1st go around
7 weeks
My 1st go around 90sStoner
Jack Herer femi
2 comments · 4 weeks ago
Apple Zauce
11 weeks
Apple Zauce Dr_Doobie
Umami Seed Company - Apple Zauce
18 comments · 46 minutes ago
Swami’s Blue Orca Haze
12 weeks
Swami’s Blue Orca Haze Goshdangyetti
Blue Orca Haze
11 comments · 1 day ago
PEV Bruce Banner
9 weeks
PEV Bruce Banner Frosted_Cannabliss
Bruce Banner
5 comments · 4 days ago

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I’m finding that the Bloom from Age Old Organics still had too much nitrogen for this particular pheno even after reducing ppm. The Sweet Finish from the same brand was a real life saver, I used it till the end even with flushing. Bloom has worked incredibly well for a second plant I’m growing, however may have contributed to some issues with a third I tried it on, but can’t say for sure.

Mixed messages, I know lol.

2 weeks ago

Had to buy it as replacement for Bio Weed, and it did not disappoint. Used it as foliar and medium feeding, 100% organic and very clean. Wish air hole on the cap was able to be closed completely for proper shake before use.

4 weeks ago

Works as it should.

2 months ago

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