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Agrobacterias is a pioneering company based in Madrid, specializing in the use of biotechnology for cannabis cultivation. The company's products, renowned for their 100% vegetable origins, are created using living organisms to provide a broad spectrum of benefits for cannabis plants. Agrobacterias' range of products includes phytostrengtheners and other organic products designed to protect and enhance plant growth.
One of the standout products from Agrobacterias is Bactohemp, which consists of beneficial bacillus and bacteria that work in symbiosis with the root system of the plant, promoting healthy growth and development. This product is part of their wider range, including Bactobloom and Bactomatik, each tailored for specific stages of plant growth.
Agrobacterias also offers products like Amanitha, an organic fungicide effective against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis, and Muskaria, a bio-stimulator that helps plants recover from stress. Their product line addresses various challenges in cannabis cultivation, from pest and disease control to enhancing nutrient uptake and overall plant health.
The company's commitment to ecological and sustainable cultivation practices is evident in their product line, all of which aim to achieve spectacular results in an environmentally friendly manner​

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пользуюсь впервые как и таблетки, но эффект просто удивляет, впервые у меня вырастают такие крепкие растение с толстым стеблем
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Son una fiel compañía de mis cultivos
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5 months ago
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