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My roots suffered because I ran out and couldn't replace it but normally excellent product.
Really like the products. Especially the hydroguard for every water seemed like it worked out well. Clearex was the perfect solution for flushing. Much more positive effects that the AN flawless finish
i always use this and have for a while.
Great products but you guys need to make the 2-×-× nitrogen in the cal mag go away. If I wanted nitrogen I'd feed them grow'
Kept my roots healthy.
Had problems in early veg and the introduction of this saved my plant
Hydroguard is pretty good at preventing root rot, but its mostly water. Southern AG GFF is much better and cheaper.
Added the tea and sweet raw for last 50 days of flower, can't say it did much but this round the tent did smell stronger than the previous round with more heavy dank smells so they may have helped.