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Excellent easy to dose, probably saved my plant a time or 2 and didn't even know it, I used as a precaution
stopped my root problems, however doesn't magically undo damage. use preventatively
Definitely helps in Hydro applications like my DWC buckets to keep algae down but with RO water, a simple 10-15 drops of Phosphoric acid keeps growth to a minimum. I don't know if it helps in my soil applications.
At first sign of root issues, I got a bottle of this stuff and it kept my roots healthy for the rest of my grow
Without it I would expect major root rot.
Roots weren't that bad considering the high res temps.
This helps so much. Res changed every 7 to 10 days and with the heat wave the res was hitting high temps and the plants roots looked good.
didn't save the bud rot this time