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Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil

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Easy to use and I will continue to do so
:+1: was easy to use and seemed to work well.
Easy to use and seems to work well, will continue to use
think there is some salt build-up easily with this, but maybe Im wrong.. overall the flowers seems to love it
Will finish with Botanicare and try something new after this
Simple to use and amazing results
didnt use much finally I was having problem with salt build-up.. the pure blend pro bloom soil is nice. but use it always under the reommandation on this strain next time
I love Botanicare products. Easy to use, good results.
Very solid but can't truly say untill I have more experience.
I have always loved the Pure Blend Pro nutes. I’ve been using them supplementary for years. One thing they could work on: “design a bottle that doesn’t spill the Liquid all over the place when you try to pour some out. Every time.
Great products but you guys need to make the 2-×-× nitrogen in the cal mag go away. If I wanted nitrogen I'd feed them grow'
I've always had good luck with botanicare products