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Silica Blast


Los fertilizantes de Botanicare son lo mejor de lo mejor, sinceramente una gran parte de él buen resultado de la planta es debido a esto.
All worked fine as always. The Hydroguard let me down a bit though, got root rot throughout the grow (I later realised) and have switched to Silver Bullet Roots with significant success.
Los fertilizantes han dado la talla, creo que son lo mejor de lo mejor, he ajustado un poco la tabla a la planta por ser autofloreciente
I noticed almost an immediate difference with how the canopy reached towards the light. The plants had more elasticity.
Excellent and cost-effective products. The silica specifically I think helped with preventing breakage during training. If you look through my grow pics, you'll see what I mean.
Great supplements for my grows.
All around great stuff. Haven't mentioned it to someone familiar that's had a bad thing to say.
Perfecto para que el aroma y el olor de esta variedad con tanta personalidad no te decepcione, buena producción.