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Worth it...using it with every grow
Good stuff, I ran out halfway through the flowering period and switched to H2o2 instead do to price and availability. Works as it should though and keeps roots and water clean without damage to plants.
Worked good, kept my buckets and roots clean. Ran out half way through the grow though and switched to H2O2 instead.
very good quality products! CAN T WAIT TO GET THE AUTOFLOWER AND PLAY
kept the tank sterile for the final flush week.
Current culture has fantastic products, unfortunately my local shop doesn't carry them.
Kept my buckets and roots clean.
Kept my water and buckets pretty clean once again! Does what is supposed to, little pricey though.
This stuff worked good to keep the buckets and water clear, I can’t clean my buckets after I add my screen at flower time so this is a must for me as well to combat root rot.
Very easy to use. I like that it is clear so it doesn't discolor the roots.
Does exactly what it said it will do. Following their feed schedule, its truly spoon feeding your plants just the amount they need that week.
This stuff seemed to work good. Didn’t have any issues with algae this round or anything like it. Water stayed clear and buckets stayed clean.