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The company was founded in California. Their story began with working with the best growers and discovering gaps in the nutrient process and such problems as most nutrients don't contains necessary combinations of elements and some of them don't deliver what they promise.

So the Elite command started finding the best ways to make the crops thrive and created their own products.

The Elite delivers a top qulity natural nutrients that met the high standards. With over twenty years of growing experience, the team of biochemists, engineers, and entrepreneurs is always on the move, creating and testing new products in pursuit of hydroponic excellence. 

The collection includes 5 products that cover all your needs.

Elite GardenElite GardenElite GardenElite Garden

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Highly recommend Elite to anyone. I’ve used them for years so I knew what to expect and these nuts always perform.

4 weeks ago

Absolutely love Elite! I have been using this product for years. I will continue use!

4 weeks ago

This is a great nutrient for me , i’d add a little bit more A for during veg stage . That is all. Other lines still work well ! :ok_hand::skin-tone-4::ok_hand::skin-tone-4::ok_hand::skin-tone-4:

1 year ago

I was given free samples of the Elite Garden nutrients line when I went to my local hydro store for gear to start this grow. The mixes of the nutrients did not seem to mess with my water's PPM and PH as much as I had expected. I love that they have an app for my iPhone where it will adjust the weekly feeding chart based on the life cycle and/or reservoir size. It's helpful for when I need to make adjustments on the fly. I feel as if their price point is fair for the quality of their products; seemed competitive with other bottled nutrients at the hydro store.

3 years ago

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