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Spiral Newbie
Special Queen #1
Growing it
Well once again,I have grown this beaty.Amazing quality,very good skunk,beware of smell(when drying and smoked) I had some trouble with neighbours,There is always place in my tent for the special queen.Just great skunk.
4 months ago
Bongman Apprentice
Special Queen #1
Growing it
Hi guys, just had a busy week at work and the girls are dried in a 65 RH environment for 7 days. Some are ready to be bottled and some need a few more days. I will be doing the trimming and bottling this weekend so please stay tuned.
Strain notes: Easy to grow, very stretchy, super sticky (had to change gloves twice while trimming.)

So this was a really pleasant grow. Only did very limited training at mid veg so I think I can def do better next time. This was grown in a 4x8 tent along with 7 WW plants. Did limited training and didn't foliage until leaves are almost totally yellow.

*** Smoke update ***
I thought skunk would have smelt different but was surprise to say that the dried girls smell fruity, citrus with a hint of cheese. The smoke was pleasant, not as strong as my WW, but a def head change and helps me sleep with no problem. Munchies are not as strong as WW.

Please let me know how I can make my next diary better thanks.

Happy Growing,


Data from Royal Queens Seed
THC: 18%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 500 - 550 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 80 - 140 cm
Height Outdoor: 200 - 270 cm
Flowering: 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest month: Late September
Genetic Background: Power Bud x Skunk
Type: Sa 50% In 50% Ru 0%
Effect: Extremely high, long-lasting, body relaxing
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity, Spicy
Climate: Mild
12 months ago