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This mighty hybrid combines parent strains Amnesia and Haze in a glorious blend, resulting in a psychedelic powerhouse that is Amnesia Haze.

Originating from Holland, Amnesia Haze has gone on to reach dizzying heights of fame right around the world. Seasoned smoker of the strain will already be familiar with its strong psychedelic highs, which coupled with the strains euphoric and energizing properties make for a very satisfying experience indeed. Novice smokers wanting to sample Amnesia Haze should do so cautiously, as too much will see you shooting off into the stratosphere! That being said, thanks to the strain's potent nature sufferers of anxiety, depression and joint pains will find their symptoms just float away.

In terms of growth, Amnesia Haze (like many other similar varieties) takes a fair while to flower. On average you'd be looking at 12-13 week flowering period - understandably this may put off a few cultivators looking for a quick turn around, however perseverance is the key to success (or rather great bud). Amnesia Haze rewards both in abundance and in quality. Grown indoors, she is capable of producing yields in the region of 600g/m². Outdoor cultivation can yield anywhere up to 1500g per plant - of both quantity and quality.




Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Amnesia Haze
Harvest 600 g/m2
Flowering 12-13 weeks

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