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Northern Light My 1st Grow

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
1 year ago
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Royal Queen Seeds - Northern Light
Northern Light
Royal Queen Seeds

Growing it




This was a beatiful time that comes to an end, and opens a new path, the northern light proved to be all the breeder says, In my opinion too, it is a very grateful strain, if you treat it gently she will give you her best, no pest,no diseases, she fought all the enviromental stress of a 40C degrees summer without any problem,and some days of 60% humidity at the end of blooming phase that made me fear the worst,but as I said NO diseases,not the common botrytis when you have massive 40 cm lenght and 6 cm or circumference colas (with I repeat,60% humidity at the very end).

After ten days drying I couldnt resist those buds who smell like a casket of spices from the silkroad,and I tried to roll some joints cause my dad is an old school smoker who doesnt vape,and I wanted to see what he will experiment (as any child I want my dad to be proud ),after a few puffs of really smooth smoke (close to vape with active carbonfilters),one of the strangest tastes i´ve ever taste on a joint ,(and ive smoked a LOT of different strains since I was 14)l I founded a candy who fell into the ground,all of it contained into a deep earthdense flavour ,(my flatmate who is newbie using the plant, can only say "terracota" after smoking it), with the sweet sutile undertones of a distant flower field that the wind brings to you ,the mindbody effect is so balanced,I founded no "heavyhead" or "couchlock" after smoking 3 or 4 joints(as i said Iam a passionate user),but I dont really need to smoke a lot to feel the effects is just that I love to use the plant, so I use it a lot,well lets focus on the effects, the first I feel was a warm sensation going from my shoulders to the point of my toe,lefting all my body relaxed,and my head happily floating over the body, I suffered sometimes a lot of stress (as all the people who realises that we live on a hard world) but it really leaves relaxed,but not without energy just into a contemplative state that helps after(sometimes before:innocent: ) a long day.
P.S. After the dry weight I have only one more thing to say AMAZING! I dont know if the cause is only one factor or the sum of them,I put effort on that project, .I used a great strain for new growers,and some medium quality materials,.I´ve been allways reading and studying about the plant, but I didnt expected those numbers and quality on my first grow.

Perfect strain for first time growers,Thanks and good job RQS you made my summer!

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
10 plants
Number of plants harvested
630 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
30% Sativa
70% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

As a giant of the industry they can offer a good quality standard, the con i found is that they dont have full nrg grow line.

Best relation quality/price i´ve founded, also the possibility of adding magnesium and calcium separetely is a good option (for me) to adjust the ratio depending on your water composition,or the plant stage .

Nice quality/price relation, they also offer an almost full nrg grow line,for a good price and with good effects,despite of it I think that they can improve they old formulas to adjust the npk ratios,anyways I get a decent harvest on my first time so....

Nice quality-price relation,the silicon helped developing some of the biggest/hardest branches i´ve ever seen, i needed a saw to cut some of them cause with the garden scissors it was nearly impossible to cut them.

I cant compare with other crops, cause it is my first one, but seeing the buds i growed on my first time growing the plant I think that it helped a lot.

Nice root enhancer,it helps the plants with the stress.

I saw it as a dreaming becoming reality , because since I was 14 years old I couldnt see the time when I will be growing my plants(My parents didnt let me grow at home or even use the plant,now after many conversations,they completely accept it,and also demand me seeds,and even flowers), an now I can do it, I own a tiny garden ( 3m) but it is mine and this is a great feeling, not only for owning something )just for the possibility of growing life,life that will help the people I love to have a better life (I have ill parents both from chronic diseases),I discovered that you can learn a lot growing a plant,compiling, after this wonderful experience I can say that I´ll work hard to achieve higher,stronger and healthier plants, cause this is the plant that I love.000000000

Grow Questions
MadameMary week 1 started grow question 2 years ago
Why this tricotyledon?
Leaves. Too many
Show all Answers (1)
UK420 answered grow question 2 years ago
Maybe some sort of stress defence mechanism. Would be very interested to know how well this plant performs to the others. Could potentially be a genetic thing.
MadameMary week 12 started grow question 1 year ago
which strain should be the next, tangie matic or pinneapple express?can I grow properly an auto with 12/12 or they need 20/4 to fully develope?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Spinnnn answered grow question 1 year ago
Hello ! I would go with the pinneaple express as I tried the feminsed from G-13 lab and it was a real pleasure but the tangie have good feedbacks. You can take a look at all my autos diaries as I'm only growing them with 12/12 schedule as it is the sun schedule in my area ( I'm an outdoor grower ) , I am always pleased by the final result but I think that a 18/6 shcedule would give me a better yield , so if your yield is not a priority then you can go with a 12/12 schedule. I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
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Spinnnn week 12

Nice done miss , the pictures of your diary are really nice :heart_eyes:your buds looks tight and the the overall looks amazing ! Congrats on the harvest :grin::+1:


@MadameMary,You've done the hard work:facepunch: , thank you :grin:


@Spinnnn,Thank you!your support helps me to reach higher crops!!Have a nice day,and great harvests!!!

DudeGrowsWeed week 12

I’ve never grown Pineapple Express yet, but I love Tangie’matic. Autos do very well under 12/12 lighting. Some of the biggest autos I’ve ever seen were grown under 12/12. Best of luck on your next grow!:+1:


@MadameMary,you’re welcome


@DudeGrowsWeed,Thanks Dude,I wish you get more great harvests,also appreciate the support.

Stick week 12

Hi @MadameMary! You will love both :sunglasses:Tangie might be a bit harder to control since her sativa traits tend to make her stretch, TGs are usually bigger/higher than PEs. I won't recommend to grow FB's autos under 12/12 schedule for the whole run since this will dramatically affect the yield, if you want the best quality+quantity you should consider a 18/6 or a 20/4 lighting schedule. Keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:

niko12 week 12

Congratulazione is a very big harvest!!!
What technique did you use,sog,scrog,topping? Just lst and leave it grow?
which flowering explode fertilizer seems to you the best?


@niko12,Hi sorry for being late but I ve been really busy,I tried a mix of techniques on different plants,I topped 3 of them,but i wont do it anymore wwith a high indica percentage strain,removing her best structure quality (the main bud)is not an option for me, I also tied them with ropes,fearing the massive buds could broke the branches,I defoliate most of the bottom branches, also removed the first three,I havent tried many fertilizers this is my first indoor grow,after it I only growed four clones outdoor,but the on my next grow I´ll use Royal bud max fron Royal jelly nutrients(I´ll do a test on all their grow line) I hope I can start it on two weeks,I expect that you found usefull the information,have a good week.

TopoMouse week 12

you have magic hands, honey

GreasyLuigi week 12