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RQS Green Gelato Automatic

7 days ago
Room Type
BioBizz Light Mix
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
weeks 3,4
weeks 4,5
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Grow Conditions
Week 6
18 hrs
Light Schedule
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Commented by plantslave plantslave
7 days ago

Week 7 begins. Today I watered the plants the second time with 3.5l. It’s lasting about 4 days.
It’s getting really cozy in the box

Grow Questions
plantslave week 5 started grow question 2 weeks ago
Less water multiple times a week or more water and less times a week?
Like I said in the description. Im thinking about increasing the water per shower. For now 1liter per day or two seems to work fine. If I increase it will last maybe a day longer?How often should I feed them? Is every day good or is it better if the feeding will last 2-3 days?
Feeding. Schedule
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Sleevey_Steve answered grow question 2 weeks ago
you should water entire substrate. that determines how much water you give. then wait until top inch dries in soil or if coco wait until that top layer starts to change color. repeat.

you don't pick what is needed. the wet-dry cycle that results from this reduces risk of pathogens and pests. it also promotes deeper roots vs superficial roots. if oyu try to add a little water on top you will have a bunch of superficial roots that are not as effective, and if exposed to light won't even be roots for long.

always water entirety of substrate.. a little runoff is fine. cast it down the drain. don't let it sit in its own piss. in a soilless context, you want 10% runoff every time and fertilizing every time. soil s a bit different bit in the end similar. you'll learn how much is needed and limit runoff in soil.

if you irrigate at same loss of weight / dryness up top, it will require the same volume of water as before. you learn how much retroactively. use the same soil / pot size / vege time next time and it'll stay the same - even ramp up in frequency in same way relative to growth / pot size.
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