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4 years ago
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Fast Buds - Girl Scout Cookies Auto
Girl Scout Cookies Auto
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Growing it




I can grow cookies from trees (and maybe even an iPhone!)

These buds came out spectacular. I am simply stunned at the beauty this strain can produce. The quality and care FastBuds put into these genetics is clearly evident. Add a little of your own love and care - you can get results like mine!

The flowers smell delicious, I wanted to eat them right off the plant. Every day was a struggle. The lush green colours, covered in orange hairs and layers of glistening trichomes is something best witnessed in person. The flowers look as beautiful as the scents emitted from them. Photos do these buds justice but the smell is an experience all of its own.

The smell of these flowers is intoxicating, I swear this scent fills the room swiftly and pungently in seconds. You get hit immediately with strong notes of mint but this isn’t your typical mint, it’s skunky too. The two scents infiltrate and violate your nostrils like Facebook on your privacy. It’s truly remarkable. Pine is the undertone of these flowers, it’s subtle but it’s there mixed in with some earthy trace scents. It’s a very well rounded potent experience.

The effects of this strain are one of my absolute favourites. The vapours are smooth and delicious. It tastes just like it smells. It’s a very rewarding vaping experience the scents and tastes subdue you as the high THC hits set you into a deep relaxation. It hits you fast and launches into a euphoric and elevated mood. Life is good. It settles down into a balanced experience that is just as enjoyable. This stuff is great.

Cookies genetics has arguably been my top favourite for a long time, competing only with ‘white widow’ cross genetics. That’s off topic but noted my opinion may be slightly bias. These flowers are an almost perfectly balanced hybrid. By my estimation I would say it is sixty-percent indica and forty-percent sativa. This makes for a very balanced day time or evening experience. Effects lasted about 90 minutes.

I would highly recommend this strain. I thoroughly enjoyed the growing experience. These genetics are a pleasure to work with; grown properly it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Yes FastBuds, I do want a cookie.


The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
500 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
40% Sativa
60% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

I enjoy GH nutrients and would recommend them. The basic FloraTrio set is an amazing set of starter nutes with easy to follow instructions and capability to customize to your needs.

CaliMagic is a nessecity in the garden as cannabis requires hearty amounts of these nutrients , especially when grown hydroponically.

RapidStart is a good additive as well, it really stacked up roots quickly and helped the plants thrive. It’s pretty expensive though.

Floralicious Plus is another expensive additive. It really does add a lot of extra scent to your flowers however. I got a lot of compliments of the smell when using this in my nutrient mix.

Liquid KoolBloom is a great weight builder in the garden. It’s cheap too! It adds extra mass to your flowers and builds up quickly. It’s easy to burn plants with this and should he added gradually to the garden in flowering.

FloraKleen is a great quality flushing solution. I add 5ml/g and then PH in the final week and I’ve got stellar results every time. It worked really good in hydroponics as it removed everything extra and left smooth tasty buds.

Over all, I would recommend GH nutes and the below additives. They are a little on the expensive side for a couple of them. They do seem to make a difference though.

Well we made it.. this has been my best grow to date! I’m honestly very impressed with this harvest. The flowers came out smelling dank and delicious. The buds have a very pleasant minty skunk aroma to them that can overpower the room.

The majority of the buds came out really nice too - solid and crystal coated. The lowest of the nugs came out a little larfy which is to be expected since they got the least light under the thick canopy. I think I can improve this next time with a bit more canopy defoliation.

Ive been smoking “samples” as this batch dries and the stuff is potent and flavourful. I’m sure after it gets a proper cure it will be even better! It’s very rewarding to grow your own top-shelf cannabis and be able to share it with friends and family. This harvest was just in time for Christmas .. just in time to share over the holidays :flag-ca::evergreen_tree:.

The results from this batch were spectacular.

The entire tent was packed full of cannabis.

These two GSC plants yielded approximately 580g each of wet cannabis which resulted in 210g total of perfectly dried cannabis.

That’s 7.5oz dried from two plants! Woah!

The plants I had in my tent during the production of this journal..

The 2xGSC yielded 210g dried. (7.5oz)
The 1xCream Cookies yielded 115g dried. (4oz)
The 2xGorilla Glue yielded very impressive numbers, pulling in 140g and 180g (5 & 6.5oz)

This gives me about 23oz of dried cannabis ..

This equals just short of 650g of dried cannabis , grown in 10 weeks. They call em FastBuds for a reason people! This was achieved with a with my custom built 500w COB LED!

This grow put up a very nice ratio of 1.3g/w dry!!

Tutorials we’ve covered:
Week 2 - The Perfect Coco Coir
Week 3 - The Easy LST
Week 4 - The best watering table
Week 5 - An Auto Watering system
Week 6 - LED COB frame build
Week 7 - LED COB electrical work
Week 8 - LED COB specifications

I hope you enjoy this series as much as me!
Thank you to everybody who followed along!
It’s been a pleasure!

Update: It’s been a couple months since harvest on these lovely ladies. I’ve saved a few ounces of these buds and built myself a DIY 10-Ton Rosin Press for $582.49 Canadian. Pretty good ! The press is a beast!! I’ve added on videos of these nugs getting a press. My first press ever too!

I got a 17% yield on my first couple presses. I’ve since been able to increase this up to 20% by adjusting technique. Awesome! :+1::skin-tone-2:


Smoke review

Grow Questions
Removed week 1 started grow question 4 years ago
As a first time coco coir grower what are some things to look out for or make sure to do?

This is my 3rd growing experience, my previous two grows were done in soil. So I’m
not a complete noob.

Please provide a good break down on the coco coir growing experience for me.
Techniques. Defoliation
TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 4 years ago
Dude - no reach out on this? I found it on a browse and I’ve been thinking on a Pure GSC strain for a while now!

Both ironic and Sweet! Will follow. Now with respect to coco - IMO it’s not much different from soil but I trust you’ve already seen that it’s got much better drainage properties. The key difference is it’s nutrient holding power in relation to soil as well as appropriate supplementation of the nutrients that soil has, that coco lacks (ie. calmag). As long as you supplement for the first month or so with calmag and keep a close eye out for nutrient burn (go easy/not full strength with nutrient formula for first run) it should be very similar to a soil grow. That’s the best I got for ya. Made the switch to coco myself because I like hand watering but would prefer a slightly faster growth rate. Cheers broski and looking forward to this one growing out!!!:facepunch::+1:
Removed week 5 started grow question 4 years ago
Any comments, feedback or critiques are welcome.

Please feel free to let me know how you think this Grow & Journal is going.

Let me know if there is anything I can be doing better , thank you!
Techniques. Defoliation
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Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Your plants look great. The only thing I believe you should improve is training: a more agressive use of LST and super cropping to keep the plant squat. Good luck mate.
Removed week 10 started grow question 4 years ago
What are your thoughts on these plants ?
Do you have experience putting the plants in a prolonged dark period for 24-72 hours before harvest? If so, what happened?
Does this method improve the quality of the final product ?
Techniques. Defoliation
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CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey man, there's a lot of FUD about the dark period, basically the main idea is that there's little you can do in the last 48 hours of a 3 month grow that will do something significant on the grow overall. but the dark period for sure has some benefits, for example a dark period before the chop means less photosynthesis chemicals present for the dry + cure. Second the dark period will boost the creation of terpenes. some say it's good for thc, but trychomes take 2 weeks or more to really make THC, so that"s FUD. second thing is that on planet earth it's almost never dark for two days straight, anything really more than 24H and for sure 48H will start messing with the trychomes and they could oxidise which is bad because you loose that much in potency. Hope this clears this up a bit, good luck ! :rocket:
Kushlove420 week 10

Congratulations on the great harvest


@Kushlove420, thank you! :pray::skin-tone-2:

Mrs_Larimar week 10

Congratulations!!! ive seen you on Place one, because of the tutorials and your nce lots of pictures. It was a big project that helped us a lot Thank you


@Mrs_Larimar, thanks!!! I didn’t see all these ! Whoops!

The_Lone_Wolf week 10

Congrats...from Mushroommeister...I changed my profile name...figured this one was better since I got my fastbuds beans from Reno...where I used to live a couple different times...and its the home of the Wolf Pack...I told you it was one of the best diaries I had been able to find...and not just for fast bubs either...lucked out was the 10th anniversary 5+5 free I got 10 each of GSC, Zkettlez, Fastberry & Tangie Matic….not a bad deal at all for $200....If you want the site I can give you the URL...5 days for delivery....but the sale is over now as of 4-1...


@The_Lone_Wolf, glad you’re a big fan of my work here bro! No worries on the links to buy seeds. I’m good to go! :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:

Gr33nFi3ld week 10

Really good diary man! Love the tutorials and the additional info. Congrats on the well deserved win!


@Gr33nFi3ld, thank you :pray::skin-tone-2:

Stick week 10

Congrats for the award :second_place_medal:


@Stick, thanks bro! Just seeing this now !

Mrs_Larimar week 10

Its an Outstanding Diary. For me the best i have been reading ever. Iam sure its a WinnerDiary


@Mrs_Larimar, wow thank you! I sure hope you’re right! I’d love to win a new iPhone XS Max!

BeefWellingtons week 10

Really nice yield and beautiful buds!! As for the bubble hash, if you don't have the washing machine, I'm telling you its grueling work. I only have 1 gallon bags, but even with 5gallon, its gonna suck. Might I suggest you research the dry ice method? It looks like it pulls a lot more out than the bubble hash with ice water. Also, you can use same bags for it. Less work, higher return. Good luck, awesome grow!!

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@BeefWellingtons, he recently got the license. So it’s not at full capacity yet. He is Pheno hunting for some fire genetics right now. All photoperiods , currently he has them indoor DWC setup under LEDs.


@@@TheWeedMan, that sounds like a full time job growing ganja. How awesome! Is he growing in soil, soiless, or hydro? I'm guessing indoor? Does he grow photos or auto? I would love to see the setup of a grow like that.


@BeefWellingtons, he is a good guy to know.. plus he has a 100 plant grow op license in Canada lol.

BigBadLion week 10

Lovely videos, everything you did looks awesome!

I also have a COB set (assembled it myself!) but sadly I can't use it at its max power because of heat (I have not found CO2 too) which saddens me a bit.

I'm also growing the same strain too! But yours looks quite different compared to mine (it's my first grow and I made some mistakes when I was feeding her) which makes me feel a little jealous because my baby doesn't look as pretty as yours!... but meh, I suppose I'll do better next time haha.

For how many days did you flush the roots as well? Or you didn't do it at all?



@BigBadLion, just do the coco bro! It’s way easier , in my opinion at least.
Check the tutorial if needed ! :)


@TheWeedMan, Hey man!

I run 5 COBs running @ 50w each (Citizen CLU048 1212) in a 2.6x2.6x5.9 tent.

I'll probably do one or two more runs with soil then try coco and finally go with hydroponics... but as for now I'm still learning haha.



@BigBadLion, thanks bro! COBs are great ! I haven’t had any heat issues with mine but I’m running 10COBs @ 50w each in a 4x4x7 tent. What about you?

It’s all practice man! If you are just learning to grow it will take a few runs before you start to get good ! I’m still learning as I go too!

I’m using Coco Coir as my soiless mix so I flushed for about 5-7days and the buds came out great :+1::skin-tone-2:

Joni2017 week 10

Congrats :clap::clap::raised_hands::wink::+1:


@Joni2017, thanks !! :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:

TheBudWhisperer week 10

Lol - you f$&kn crushed it dude.... just fantastic:+1::sunglasses::ok_hand::the_horns::muscle:


@TheBudWhisperer, thanks bro! It’s a stellar harvest. Don’t worry homie we be blazin this soon :+1::skin-tone-2:

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