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First Grow || Puff the Magic Dragon!

11 months ago
LED / 250W
LED / 250W
BioBizz Nutrients
Quemanta Nutrients
Room Type
FastBuds - Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies

Growing it




The uplifting effect was nice and it lasted a lot. The flavor was nice and quite gentle on the throat! She needs a lot of food tho, so you need to keep an eye on her!

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
50 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
60% Sativa
40% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Revive saved Puff and thanks to it I could harvest a very good product! Flawless Finish helped me to flush her properly!

While their products seem to be OK I didn't like Bio-Grow, its viscosity was always a problem!

Gold Sunshine probably did a lot for my grow, so I thank them for it! Brown Sugar seemed to helped too, but I didn't quite like it being dry and without a proper way to measure it!

Well, here we are! The final moment and Puff is finally ready! :smiley:

This was my very first growth experience ever and I had a blast while I was doing it! :sunglasses:

Puff took a total of 86 days from seed till it was ready to smoke/vape/whatever or 77 days till harvest. All that's left now is to cure her to improve her effects and taste!

About the experience itself? Well, I won't deny it, it was super rewarding and I loved it! The most memorable moments were when she sprouted (because I had the weird idea that I messed things up and nothing was going to happen :sob:), when the first set of leaves appeared, the first flowers or when the flowers started to get big! All those were very remarkable moments... and sure, I know I made tons of mistakes but I'm hopeful that I won't make them again (please!) in the future. I'm eager to start my next growth! :heart_eyes:

Also, when I gave her a try I must say that I felt incredibly sensitive everywhere (in a good way) and food tasted amazingly well (but it didn't make me feel hungry)! Maybe this information will help someone!

Oh, also. Puff was grown with other 4 sisters and each of them took a 5th of the grow tent space and one COB for each of them. That's why it says I only used 50w on her!

And... thanks to everyone for reading my reports! Hopefully they were good and I hope my questions might might find them useful (even when they might've been a little too obvious for some!) :flushed:

Thanks again and good smokes! :raised_hands:

Grow Questions
BigBadLion week 1 started grow question 1 year ago
I'm getting mixed messages related to RH and seedlings. Some people (and websites) say it should be between 45% to 60% during this stage but others say I should keep it over 60%. I know the roots are not very developed right now but.. what's the real number than I should aim for?
Other General Questions
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SpinnerCaribbean answered grow question 1 year ago
Hello ! Here are the full RH range for each time of the plants lives : Clones: 90% // Seedling (1st week): 80% // Early veg (2nd week): 70-80% // Growth(3/4 semaine): 60-70% // Vegetative phase (weeks 5/6 ): 50-70% // Early Flowering - Stretch (weeks 7/8 ): 50-70% // Flowering - Blooming (weeks 9/12 ): 50-60% // Late flowering : 30-40%.
Of course they are just the best RH range you can reach for each stage of the plants life but it's not a "rule" as you can grow with lower RH at each stage but be careful about higher RH as it could lead to mold/bud rot/fungus. I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
BigBadLion week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Is it possible that maybe I underfed my plant and that's causing my actual problem? Is it something normal? Or there's something else going on with it that I should check and fix fast? In general the plant has a lighter green color and old leaves are getting yellow. Thanks!
Color Yellow Leaves - Lower, older leaves
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ValhallasGarden answered grow question 1 year ago
This is what I see based on the photo's . Firstly , you're plants are suffering from a couple different things here the first real problem I see of course is the yellowing . This is being cause by a combination of 3 things , firstly your plant is suffering from nitrogen deficiency , this is the broad yellowing that's taking over your lead , it's also suffering from CalMg problems this is the yellowing that you see that has started in the middle of the vein's of the plants leaves and lastly PK deficiency more Potassium tho , I can say this because i can see the spots starting on your leaves and they are just random spots they will turn brown eventually and get bigger . This problem is a real easy fix all you need to do is adjust your nutrient solution and these ladies will regain there health and be rocking and rolling harder then before . I would advise that you do the full dosages of PK which should be 4ml/l with fully mature plants and I would bosst the grow part ever so slightly by 1ml/l as well as add 2ml of CalMg per litre of nutrient solution you mix up . This will do a variety of things for you but most importantly slow the yellow restore the not so damaged leaves back to normal and continue to grow prosperously . For the leaves that are too damaged and will not heal properly I would advise that you remove them so they dont make a perfect nesting ground for unwanted intruders such as mites , scale , miners .. the list continues its just over all beneficial to remove those leaves :) Over all your doing well just a few things to touch up and this will be epic ! I hope this information helps you to understand whats happening a bit better to your plant and the very very easy ways you can fix it. -Happy Growing!
BigBadLion week 8 started grow question 12 months ago
Ideally in soil one wants to flush for two weeks before harvest and one wants to harvest when trichomes are 50/50.. but, how do you know WHEN to start flushing? How do you know when the plant is "close" to that moment and does this speed up the color change of the trichomes? Ty!
Other General Questions
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HighTV answered grow question 12 months ago
Hey there @bigBadLion! There is no "speed change" no worries! Ideally you want to harvest when the trichomes are Mostly not clear. Personally I go a higher ratio of cloudy to amber. I like 75-10% cloudy/amber if I can get it. To do this I start the flush when the trichomes are nearing the desired levels. Clear Trichomes become Cloudy - Cloudy become Amber! This means I need to starting the week long flush with 65% cloudy and a little amber so they can mature in the last weeks with the flush! The Trichomes will mature at the same rate after the flush so there is no need to worry about last second changes in schedule. (if 50/50 is your target then flush when its 70/30 cloudy/amber because the cloudy becomes amber). I hoped i helped Bigbad please feel free to ask anymore questions you may have! Btw fantastic grow :sunglasses:
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Cultus week 11

Congrats @BigBadLion! Really well done diary:smile:


@Cultus, also, congratulations to you as well! Just saw you won too! :D


@Cultus, Thanks a lot! I'm really surprised and happy I won! :D

ChiefGrowAutoflowers week 11

Hey I want to win newbie of the month. It’s my current goal in life lmao. Please be sure to check my grow out and give me any tips to help me win as well awesome grow by the way.


@ChiefGrowAutoflowers, Hello, yeah i suspect it is our goal :joy::sunglasses:

Mrs_Larimar week 11

Congratultion to #1 and your first Harvest. Hemp teaches us a lot of things, next grow will be much easier( you will be more chilled)


@Mrs_Larimar, Absolutely! And I totally loved everything of this experience! This week or the next I'll probably start the next grow!

WillyWonka week 11

Amazing first harvest, congratulations! Looks like really really good quality cannabis, you must be really happy. I hope my first grow turns out as good as this one.

What do you plan on growing next?


@WillyWonka, Thanks man, they taste reaaally well! And I plan to grow something from Royal Queen Seeds! I'm between Green Gelato, Flower Power or Shining Silver Haze

And as long you're careful you'll get even a better one than mine! I made a lot of mistakes! And thanks for the compliment! :D

Whitoutduty week 11

@BigBadLion, You must be very happy, Congratulations for your great job :wink:


@Whitoutduty, thanks man! she gave me some really nice smokes!