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Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic
Zamnesia Seeds
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This strain is exceptional. Why? For very simple reasons, just like its family tree is simple and does not hide the problems of all the other breeders. So lots and lots of grass, really great production for such a fast autoflowering; speed without parts, ready in just over 60 days; lots of resin even with 38 degrees in the last days in the growbox. Unparalleled resistance. We are faced with excellent genetics guys, try the F1 hybrid whether you are a beginner or a professional, it will amaze you as it amazed me. I waited until the end to talk and express opinions now of 10 stars but it deserves much more. Buds are super sweet with a note of earth and good to relax after work a little sativa effect in the beginning and the relax baby!
The Outcome
Week 8
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What's on the scales?
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Super love rooting with.
I had some problem but need to learn better or make right choice for fast plants. In veg was a little a lot with all in one pellet and for the fast bloom of this plant is not enough you have to use more fert and boost more than table but nothing so bad.
Love this happy ending. Sweet.
Light like a SUN not a normal light.
This home is absolutely amazing. Love total dark style and tools. Air sys Ducting Flange is my favourite in the world
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Breadandbuds Breadandbuds
14 days ago
Lots of grass, in a very short time with a sure success without equal. This is the Watermelon Candy F1 Hybrid. No joke guys, no false advertising, here we are doing serious tests, I am a good grower but what I can do you can do too nothing humanly alien here the aliens are the vegetables. Here we should try to understand what a great job the breeder has done and notice the differences from the common mortal plants. The first is the speed, guys the plants were born the night between the sixth and seventh of April and were both harvested on the eighth of June. Do some calculations, it is very little really very little time. What is not little is the grass, look at the result on the scale, cleaned to the maximum of all the stems trimmed well. The scent is fruity, sweet and inebriating, the resin is really abundant despite the harvest in June with 35 degrees in the growbox... These plants resist very well to heat and probably also to cold other plants would have made open flowers, airy without sense... Here they are tough guys, very tough and heavy, compact. I am very happy with these two plants, one is slightly more mature but you can see from the trichomes that more or less we are on both. I am not one who likes to harvest the super mature plant, but before teams of big growers arrive to explain the rule of trichomes to me I tell you: there are many milky trichomes, some amber and purple in the areas where there was a bit of foliage and still some transparent but few and all milky. So here we are guys we have many plants to harvest we also have to decide what to do first. The similarity between the two plants is evident, they are not identical, exactly twins, but that would have been disturbing, here we have great similarities in height, type of flower and many little things in their place. For me, a successful experiment, try to grow these plants respecting at least the basic rules of cultivation and even if you are a beginner you will be happy. You can come and look for me or talk to me at any time, now I have grown these plants and I know how they behave I can give all the answers you want. I waited to try as you can see before speaking and on these plants I put my signature. Very suitable for: growth with topping, given the speed, it is recovered very well, rapid growth and infinite continuous cycles (do some calculations, how many cycles you can do with a plant that you harvest in 60 days, it is not difficult!), beginner (little fertilizer in the veg phase and a lot in the flower swelling phase, they swell quickly, it is normal), indoor and outdoor. Really fast and profitable plants like I had never seen before. I have to compliment Zamnesia I am thrilled with these performances, autoflowering plants are getting better and better guys don't be afraid and don't listen too much to the wise old hippies or at least learn to take them with a pinch of salt, cannabis has gone light years ahead of the first super worthy anarchist research. Now we are ahead let's adapt to the times. In flowering I used Plagron fertilizers because with other brands I was going into deficiency, so the health in addition to the good genetics that gave us beautiful and healthy girls is also thanks to those who make the food. I recommend to everyone these plants have a fast growth and if in any case they do not need a lot of fertilizer in the vegetative phase, when they swell the flowers like crazy they really need fertilizers for flowering give them right in the quantity recommended by Plagron and you will have no problems. Fertilizers and soil are therefore Plagron The light is wonderfully functional and powerful and is made in The growbox is not sponsored but I love it, I love the brand and especially the Ducting Flange air circulation system best of all. You can find these Watermelon Candy seeds, all the F1 Hybrids and much more on the Zammi website N.B. Collaborations with all other seed brands are stopped at the last plants that I am finishing, kindly do not ask me for sponsorships for seeds, all other forms of collaboration are open (Lights, growbox, fertilizers, soil, tools) thanks. Follow me on instagram @bread_n_buds Music of the week +++ 432 hz frequencies to keep in line my Girls to Gaia. Site Description ZAMNESIA SEEDS - WATERMELON CANDY F1 HYBRID AUTOMATIC: BUDS BURSTING WITH FLAVOR If you've been looking for a flavorful strain with superb genetics that's effortless to cultivate, the hunt is over. Thanks to reliable F1 hybrid genetics, Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic showcases the highest degree of productivity and efficiency. This strain takes everything you know and love about the original, and packages it in a plant with even greater potential. GROWING WATERMELON CANDY F1 HYBRID AUTOMATIC Derived from Watermelon, Candy Kush, and ruderalis, Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic is a finely tuned medley of genetics. This cultivar is fast to flourish and reliable to grow, no matter where you choose to grow. Taking just 9–10 weeks from germination to harvest, she provides a uniform growing experience culminating in a huge haul of buds for her size. Reaching heights of 65–80cm, Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic stays pretty grounded, making her perfect for smaller growing areas where space is a commodity. It also means you can fit more plants in if you have the room! Once ready to yield, growers will see a return of 400–450g/m² indoors and up to 100g/plant outdoors. Moreover, Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic is highly resistant to pests and disease, making it an ideal strain for newcomers and fans of low-maintenance cultivation. AROMAS, FLAVORS, AND EFFECTS OF WATERMELON CANDY F1 HYBRID AUTOMATIC If we haven't already sold you on the power of F1 hybrid genetics, the proof is in the pudding. Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic is teaming with terpenes and cannabinoids, making for a lively high coupled with huge flavors. Just one hit is all it takes to sample rich fruitiness mixed with sweet candies and a slight earthiness to back it up. And with an average THC content of 23%, the effects are euphoric at the start but settle into deep relaxation soon after. Whether you're chilling alone or with friends, Watermelon Candy F1 Automatic will see you right. So seeds of all brands, in addition to these great F1 Hybrids and the entire Zamnesia line, fertilizers and everything related to the world of cannabis, you should buy them from the best online store in the sector
Smoke review
And if your eyes are not yet convinced, here are the flowers on the scale. We have a super good result that then becomes exciting if we count the speed from seed to harvest (just 61 days guys!), the resin is abundant despite the day they were harvested there were 33-35 degrees in the growbox, the flowers are hard and compact and the aroma is really very very good. Plant 1, the one full of flowers, gave us 60 grams, I repeat in 61 days guys! An embarrassingly great speed/yield ratio. Plant two gave us 48.2 grams which is a little less than the first but when I reach these figures with normal autoflowering plants I celebrate, because it is rare, very rare. With F1s these results can become a constant that if compared with the harvest time will make you have much more grass. The yield is already no joke, there are many brothers who grow in areas of the world that are still illegal and they really risk a lot to do this. The yield for those people who risk is a fundamental thing, you have to take in the grass in the shortest time possible, sometimes you need to stop it's a mess. The F1 can also help you brothers grow quickly, take in the grass and hide it wherever you want. In my youth and When I was in my home country I saw all sorts of things, underground, among goats, absurd stuff. for a plant. So guys, a lot of stuff in a short time, do some math or write to me so we can do it together and I'll explain why it's better to grow F1 Hybrid.
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