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How to SixShooter

1 year ago
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FastBuds - Six Shooter
Six Shooter

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The SixShooter from fastbuds reminds me of smoking something called "Kali" because it's got this sacred/mystical vibe to it. The smoke itself is smooth smells like incense when it burns, very woody taste. I got lucky and got three different phenos on the taste. The Mr. B's is woody with an earthy aftertaste. The Vertafort is woody with coffee and sometimes fruity aftertaste. And the biotabs one is woody leaning towards the incense side of things which is delightful. Snow white weightless ash means it's a smooth smooth smoke, heady and very relaxing, not exactly suitable for the day time. Took 3 weeks to cure properly. Maybe for one of those stay at home days idk. Helps you zone into creative tasks without distraction, causes me insomnia sometimes, mad munchies aswell. These took 95 days from the moment I drop then into their glass of water. Seeds sprouted strong germinated 5 kept 3 gave 2 seedlings away in their GROWCAPS pots so let's see, maybe i'll get feedback on those i'll throw a diary up. These indica plants grew vigorously, being kept at acceptable VPDs most of their lives, had those trademark thick leaves. They took very well to LST, Branching out like crazy, branches for days ! Reminded me of the gorilla glue styles then the flowers started coming. I like these flowers better compared to the gorilla glue, less branching at the flower level, means thicker flowers, less larf, and less headache on the trim. These started buffing up fiersely continued stretching for almost 5 week starting at week 2 of flower. they pushed out these elongated sugar leaves, i'm guessing that's gonna be this strain's trademark, along with that distinctive taste and smell. Didn't smell all that loud, but I have a 1300M3/H exhaust so... i'm not surprised. I will say though that my neihbour said she could smell weed even when I wasnt home and she could smell weed in the corridor, from the times I was trimming and basically every time I open my jar. Gonna need a new carbon filter for the next grow. I retired my lightbulb too. What I like about the six shooter is that when you roll a pure fatty it burns down real nice and because its got that specific taste you really feel like you're smoking these fat grower cigars. Hard to put my finger on the taste because the smoke is so smooth, and when i saw GD had a tag for Woody, i knew right away this was that taste i felt. I will say this though, cure this correctly, dont rush, dry it real slow, then cure it, the "pine" , citrussy tastes, usually those will evaporate, leaving this distinguished terpene heavy hitter much better tasting. The trim was a great experience, At first the sugar leafs cover the buds, because i hang my plants whole, so i was like omg it doesnt even look that good, but as you're clipping the sugar leafs you reveal the trichome laden and resinous buds, you can really tell on the flash on flash off pictures. So what can i tell you, this weed is white weed, so frosty. Bag appeal is great too, this strain pushes out pistills like no other, maybe even more than the gorilla glue. that means this is a chill weed right? anyway bag appeal is 10/10 smells like perfume and vanilla in the jar, incense in the grinder, and has that trademark woody smoke. HEAVY! From what I can tell this strain is always a yielder, so I'll be growing it again ! Take a look a the diary, let me know what you think:rocket: I fed these plants NPK only once a few weeks before the end. Without all my mistakes in the same size 5 gal pot you can probably fit 6 plants LST'ed in a 4x4 comfortably, and with more even lighting and defoliation pull 750 grams easily. Low maintenance , heavy yielding plant what's not to like? I got some better pictures in, hopefully you can see how the THC is dusted all over these nuggs :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

The Outcome
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What's on the scales?
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3 plants
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Grow Room size
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Six Shooter
Delivery to Spain
Six Shooter is an autoflowering cross of Crystal METH and Mexican Airlines with a citrus and incense scent and an explosive effect. The smoke is soft, with pepper notes. It is not recommended to day smoke because of the powerful disorienting effect. The plant growing up to a hefty 1.4m in height. It is the largest FastBuds strain with good genetics and a large harvest. An excellent choice for growing outdoor. Yield reaches 500 - 750 gr for 1m2 in about 9 weeks. The variety is named Six Shooter because its resin-hard buds look like bullets. This strong sativa hybrid contains 23% THC! The strain is adapted for both indoor and outdoor growthб but outdoor, it grows incredibly quickly and productively.
Gender Feminised
Genes 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Harvest 500 - 650 g/m²
THC 23.0%
11,00 €
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40% Sativa
60% Indica

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I got the BIOTABS lineup through a prize in a Grow Diaries contest, Came in this great box, very well wrapped, discreet shipping, with cool freebies, the best papes, some funny postcards and stickers, pins, etc etc. The instruction manual is super easy to follow which didnt stop me of course from messing up, putting three tabs on top of each other instead of side by side but no matter. It was a great experience using these, basically all the work is in the beginning you amend the soil , place the tabs, water with activators and beneficials then it's smooth sailing from there. Next time I'll add boom boom spray to every few waterings as well as add bactrex more regularly. I added the PK booster tea, maybe a tiny bit late, if I had done it sooner i could have fit two maybe three feeds, but beyond that I didnt actually feed, only just the once. I'm using these again, for SURE ! :rocket:

I'm actually impressed with vertafort my vertafort plant showed no deficiency, next time I'll use a few flower booster maybe one during veg, one during stretch maybe two, and a final one a few weeks before the end. Great line up! :rocket:

These had a pretty good life. I actually only fed NPK the one time . Germinated them in a Zambeza propagator, i really recommend getting one of those propagators, they're reusable and really take the heat off those first days when you're sweating. Pooped them into their plugs they sprouted out strong, germinated 5 kept 3. transplanted them no problem. Veged these for 4 weeks, then they shot up. during veg they stretched out a bit early on i should have been giving some specialised micro i had on had but for some reason on the other i didnt. They needed extra support for their first three weeks, so i decided to LST them around week 2. Two camping hooks one anchor for the main stem and one to keep the plant down. Once i dialed in my lamp to plant distance they benefitted by slowing down on the stretch a bit. they all took to LST extremely well, bushing out and creating an nice even canopy. They pushedout these thick indica leaves, one of my plants was a lighter colored leaf pheno, the vertafort one. The Six Shooter genetic really stretches, if just off the top of my head it seems that the plants quadrupled in size over an 8 week period, completely eclipsing their neighbours and creating a thick dense canopy throwing shade down below. Each turned into a bush with three or more mains sticking out the top by week 6. IThe results start to look real pro around week 8. Before that though I hadn't been defoliating. This and simple lack of light means that I had loads of undevellopped colas. If I'm honest I should have tried to harvest in stages but by colas. Anyway these kind of grew like a gorilla glue but with much different and much better flower structure. The plants started pushing out flowers and pistils and preflowers etc early, but then took a while to gear up towards towards getting fat. The flower branch out in a spiral pattern up and down the main and secondary colas evenly, creating this misssile shaped colas, but they branch out once sometimes twice, which means less branch to nug ratio than a gorrilla glue by a full multiple. They started smelling like lemons around the time they were fattening up. Then they started getting buff, really little by little, what did rippen rippened evenly. Some colas was basically waste especially the colas stuck on the sides of the tent and some of the colas where for some reason or another there was no light there due to the dense canopy. Truly a BEAST OF A PLANT, HIGH POTENTIAL, great BRANCHING, if you look carefully each plant has more than a dozen colas,

Timed it so the harvest was on a day the plants were chock full for plain water after ten day's worth of additive aided flushing. hung to dry slowly in the tent, got it around 55RH inside the buds over 12 days then trimmed and jarred in miron glass with boveda 62. The trim was a great experience, took a while but not that long because the flowers were so nice in the way they are. you do have to trim every sugar leaf one by one though if you're doing it by hand, broke these sizzors that @Mrs_Larimar sent me because of the resin lol. so I pull these plants out my tent and I just kinda look at them and they're basically dark green because of all the sugar leafs, i'm thinking to myself "shit i messed up this isnt even that frosty". well, what i found out is every time i clipped one of those trademark long sugar leafs off it revealed absolutely resious white frost. That's what can keep someone motivated. ! Once jared, if there's boveda in your jar, you dont really need to burp it daily, or even weekly i just let it sit there, obviously i've been smoking it and following the cure, let me tell you this one needs longer to cure than you're used to maybe, at least two more weeks of cure after a slow dry. Four weeks after the chop , it's a strong weed !

Didn't smell all that loud, but I have a 1300M3/H exhaust so... i'm not surprised. I will say though that my neihbour said she could smell weed even when I wasnt home and she could smell weed in the corridor, from the times I was trimming and basically every time I open my jar. Gonna need a new carbon filter for the next grow. I retired my lightbulb too. Hard to put my finger on the taste because the smoke is so smooth, and when i saw GD had a tag for Woody, i knew right away this was that taste i felt. I will say this though, cure this correctly, dont rush, dry it real slow, then cure it, citrussy tastes, usually those will evaporate, leaving this distinguished terpene heavy hitter much better tasting. So what can i tell you, this weed is white weed, so frosty. Bag appeal is great too, this strain pushes out pistills like no other, maybe even more than the gorilla glue. that means this is a chill weed right? One of the phenos I grew had more pistils than the other two. Mr. B's did, but i dont know if you can really tell from the close ups, i'll try to put some more pictures up. I got two maybe three phenotypes in terms of taste. Mr. B’s is much pine-ier than the others, and when the joint goes out and you light it again, it’s even more piney … I’m actually really happy about that reminds me of white rhino from the east coast back in the day but way piney-ier than that even. When you smoke the other phenos the smell is incense and the taste is really really smooth & woody. Sometimes I find different after tastes on the exhale like coffee, pepper, and maybe sweet/fruity sometimes too depends on the pheno I'm toking on. It is LOUD THOUGH, always have a spare filter on hand IT’S NOT WORTH IT get it !

Well at the end of my first grow, i'd like to quickly review all of Bulbi's own :

Bulbi"s Own Early VegMicro: Fine green powder with calcium and all the rare metals in it. I didnt use it ! Damn, next time I'll amend my soil with it like i did this time on the FBT1

Bulbi's Own Cal Mag : Organic fine white powder with calcium and magnesium, i used it in the feed and sometimes as a spray. I didnt know how much to put in because these things dont come with instructions so i ended up putting 1/4 doses most of time. The correct amount should have been 2.5G/L.

Bulbi's Own Flower Micro : Organic fine beige powder that I used mixed in with the sulfur. I think this one's a keeper, really helped my plants make it through the stress of bottom feeding and all that heat.

Bulbi's Own Mag Sulfur : Organic fine red powder that I used mixed in with the Flower Micro I used this one in my spray too , to great effect, in my opinion

Bulbi's Own Beneficials Trio : This was the base beneficials mix I had, you need to put 7.5 to 15g/l , watch out for clumps, use at the night fall, or when still dark.

Bulbi's Own Anti Afid : I threw it in there i think just in time to protect my plants when I intentionally overwatered when I went on my trip. There were some white flies that emerged, because... well that's what they do isnt it. but there were just a few of them and they ended up flying around wierdly, and within four days, no more white flies, didnt even use yellow sticky tape ! You mix this one with the trio for even more effect. I used these in a spray I think , also.

Bulbi's own Anti-Worm : This one is more directed against larvae, and can be combined with the base trio. I was weary of using it, but I'm glad i did to give my soil matrix that full spectrum of biological protection.

Bulbi's own Humic Acid : This one i loved, looking back I'm regretful not having used it more. the dry humic acid is a great experience, the quality of it was impressive, clumps would seperated into more clumps ad infitum the feed slowly turning completely ink black. definituely using this once a week from now on

Bulbi's own Amino Acids : this one is just amino acids, maybe next time I'll use it at the same time as the humic acid, but I'm not 100% on that. What i did do was spray the top layer of the soil with amino acids when I accidently ran into some issues from spraying kelp all over the place. So in that sense it's an absolute life saver and a must to have on hand.

Bulbi's Own Kelp Extract Concentrate. Loved this one too haha, so thick, and green, check out the video of when i pour it lol. Worked great, raises the pH some so be careful, i used this one as a sprat aswell to get those plant growth hormones pumping during the seeding and veg stage.

Bulbi's Own CO2 : well part of what I set out to do was to test the CO2 theory. Like roots do absorb CO2 but at a lower efficiency than leaves say 15% vs. 85% the theory being enriching your water or feed with CO2 would ultimately benefit the plant. So i enriched water with these ceramic based co2 tablets, because CO2 is a soluble gas, it stays in water. Then i fed the plants in this manner in the feed and also as a spray. The idea behind that was that co2 enriched water would come in direct contact with the plant allowing for absorption of some quantity of CO2 through the leafs. Someone explained to me that these are actually old school techniques. Well I know i started late and didnt follow a regular schedule like i wished for but the plants didn t die, or show any immediate negative upon innoculation, so what can I say? I'm doing this again, perhaps. Only problem is that these things are really a pain to pH correctly

General Hydroponics Dry pH Down : GREAT PRODUCT, hard to find but amazing – not registed on GD for some reason

I still have to make my bubble hash so any advice welcome ! :rocket:

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@LaBossanova dude you grew some amazing plants ..I'm a first time grower but would love to be able to grow like you can one day ..dude amazing job


@LaBossanova, I will do thanks ,


@Lilsticky420, thanks lil sticky ! I'm a totally new grower just like you so if you need anything or have any questions don't be shy and don't be a stranger - we're all out here to learn and learn from each other and you're very welcome to learn alongside me growmie :facepunch::skin-tone-2::rocket:

Nebula420 week 26

Happy [email protected] nice done, and congratulations on your status Grand Master:kissing_heart:


@LaBossanova,))) Good luck) xD=)


@Nebula420, ha thank you very much Nebula , I have to change all my business cards now , so it's a lot of work :muscle:

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@Mrs_Larimar, hey thank you so much, as you know you are a teacher and mentor to me so i really appreciate the compliment. BTW i hope you're following my female seed diaries, after all you were the one to send me those seeds :wink:

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Wow! your photos are beautiful, really enjoyed looking through your grow.
conngrats dude :+1::ok_hand:


@LaBossanova, it was well worth it! :+1:


@715creeks, thank you my friend ! It was really a lot of work to do the photos etc so I really appreciate it. God bless ! :rocket:

TegridyCal week 26

You're a boss.


@TegridyCal, :pray: thanks man, didnt really feel that way during most of this grow lol but if i learned anything on this site is that no one's "made it" yet, we're all learning & no need to glorify growers or glorify growing, it's meant to be easy and it can be done by anyone more or less ... glad you appreciated all the work put into these media notes though :pray:

MsFlowerPower420England week 26

Hi bud , did you pop sum blue dreammatic ?


@MsFlowerPower420England, not yet my friend ! it's in the fridge, maybe i'll do a blue white red tent for the 4th of july but it's the middle of summer already, heatwave out here ! :rocket:

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Damn, Awesome summary. Easy to understands and very useful. This is a bookmark for sure ;)


@Centipede, my pleasure Centipede it's mine as much as it is yours ! :rocket:

Silverback_Guerilla week 26

Excellent diary and awesome review!:+1:
Thanks for the soon can we order the complete "Bulbi's Own" line of products?:grin:


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Astroboy week 26

;) growmie thank you save my babe to continue thriving I give you that dr ...ty so much

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