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First Greenhouse 2019

2 months ago
Wedding Cake x (unknown) Custom Breeder & Strain
Orange Daiquiri x (Unknown) Custom Breeder & Strain
Girl Scout Cookies Custom Breeder & Strain
Chernobyl OG (Chernobyl x Headband OG) Custom Breeder & Strain
Dreamband (Blue Dream x Headband OG) Custom Breeder & Strain
Sundae Driver Custom Breeder & Strain
Bio Nova
Room Type
Custom Breeder & Strain - Sundae Driver
Sundae Driver
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




Sometimes life gives you little surprises, in this case it was a male plant from an unexpected source. I had assumed that this plant must be feminized, simply because I thought I know it’s source. The assumed sources where two Sundae Driver clones I supplied a friend and he grew outdoors, there were a handful of seeds (6) to be precise in the lb or so my friend grew. Additionally my indoor had gotten a handful of immature seeds so it was easy to assume the Sundae Driver was a potential Hermi. Well I got a male plant so now I question that and have instead Sundaes Best just to distinguish the plants as potentially different.

I quickly ditched my DreamBand Sativa leaning male For this beast. And rethought my idea behind how to pollinate with out contamination of good buds. Well I don’t sell this stuff so I figured a mistake seeds would be ok and went for an incredible year easy system that could even have been relocated to avoid the contamination entirely.

My pollinating “system” was easy, I had my 10”x20” propagating trays and my coco blocks which were 4”x4” spaces 3 wide and 5 can tell the math doesn’t line up on those dimensions but I’m just quoting the product dimensions here...anyways the coco cubes had a hole in them big enough for a root plug to be inserted, well I packed that full of Worm Castings and cloned right into this medium. My results on clones taking root were pretty sad, no Orange Daquiri survived and I lost a couple Dreamband and GSC in the process. But at the end of the day I had enough where I used the Sundae Driver males in the center row and put the female clones on the outside around it and grow these under the dome with the top vents open from root to the end of the male flowering stoped producing. This resulted in about 150-200 seeds of each crossing so I can’t complain about the results.

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
20% Sativa
80% Indica

Good, I like these for feeding anything in trays. It is quick, easy, and gentle

Top tier brand, these guys are awesome and the quality of their products is off the charts. My only complaint is they are a very involved nutrient, meaning you can’t just add to any old tank, stir it up, and send it through your drip, you’ll need to find a way to keep everything in suspension.

Good stuff, I was able to propagate the bacteria pretty easily so I knew it was alive and had good viability. First time growing outdoors so can’t say for sure if it helped but I know it didn’t hurt.

Terp Tea from Aurora worked so damn well and fits into my style of growing almost too perfectly. I doubt I’ll ever go back to not using it at this point. They have a 4 part line now that I will be using in 2020

It’s citric Acid, yep it acidified like citric Acid, ohh and I didn’t even use this brand so yea...

Really like this brand, they make the base or addition to the majority of my tea brews.

Well if nothing else I was able to permanently add the Sundae Driver genetics to my Grow line up. I intend to keep breeding my own backyard genetics in this way and hopefully this as one of my base starts. From these crosses I have kept the Chernobyl OG x Sundae and the Wedding Cake x Sundae, all of the parent plants performed exceedingly well and very importantly they had Terp profiles I loved, so all in all this was a happy surprised.

Grow Questions
TC_Connoisseur week 1 started grow question 1 year ago
This will be my first greenhouse and dry amendment grow with several indoors under my belt.

My expected problems this grow are likely to be insect and disease pressures specific to greenhouses, along with temperature regulation (115+F last year), suggestions are always welcome!
Techniques. Defoliation
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 1 year ago
well just lets look whats will come to you. But be prepared for some insects you dont want^^. anf the best is to fight against them with predators, because its no closed envoirement , but semi opened. And yes i agree temperature is a challenge, but you have the big adavatage do have a roof, and a little control about heat, cold and ventilation. I sarted last year in greenhouse and was concerned about the temperatures and the RH. But weed grows under nearly every condition. Ive put them later outside. But my neighbour let them the hole cycle in the greenhouse. His problems e were thrips, mites, and in the late floweringthe humidity. He fought the insects with predatirs that worked bet for it, because sparying does not help... yellowstickers and nematode against thrips. predator mties against russet mites. and ladybug larvae/ladybugs against plantlice/ aphids. Biggetst challenge were lower temps and high th near the end of grow. We gace some airflow and defoilation, but seen alltogether it was successful
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