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El Patron by RQS, Nutes by Green Buzz

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
1 year ago
Room Type
Grow medium
week 14
weeks 13,14
weeks 13,14
week 13
week 13
Royal Queen Seeds - El Patron
El Patron
Royal Queen Seeds

Growing it




After 11 days drying was mostly done, so i trimmed one plant at first to test curing. Humidity settled to 68% so I gave them two more dayd drying in the dark at about 18°C and 50% humidity.

After that I reached about 64% without and 62% humidity with bovedas.
The other 3 plants went into jars untrimmed as I went sick. One week later I trimmed the other three plants and got about 210g dried "el patron". They are now curing for at least 4 weeks, but most of it will cure for minimum 10 weeks as I don´t need much at one time.
After now 2 weeks the smell changed a lot. Now you can get much more taste out of these buds. The smell is now lots of haze combined with woody and herbal components, maybe oak-wood.

The budy are really frosty and very tasteful when vaped or smoked.

As I prefer vaping I tried some in the pax 3 and the crafty. Best taste at about 180°C in the crafty, there you´ll get most taste.

For the turn, at 170 to 175°C it is a maximum head trip. Very energetic and euphoric high but very strong and lasts for about 2 hours before softening. Me personally had some problems to speak properly at the first two sessions, that hard it hit me.
At about 190°C the trip is also powerful, but less energetic and more chilling and relaxing high with some stoned effects. But also nice uplifting high. With some good music ( I recommend Nightwish ) this is some awesome stuff to enjoy. Just now I´m in this special mood and listening to Élan by Nightwish writing this test and couldn´t be happier.

About growing them:
First I learned is that they aren´t very hungry when it comes to nutrition. For my organic nutrition line I first used recommendation of the manufacturer, but that wasd too much for them. Next time I wil try half dose until they show signs of undernutrition.
They aren´t fast and high growers, they stayed relatively small under topping and main-lining. I wonder what would have happended without any training. I am sure there is much more potential in yield than my result of about 330g/m². I only feared the height as I think they are more on the sativa side and I didn´t want to risk getting plants that reaches over 130cm in height. But with that training no one got over 90 cm of height.

Until now I found no single seed in any buds.
When it comes to phenos, I can´t really make a difference between them except for the one with the doubled pistils. She got the smallest amount of dried weed, about 12g less than the other ones in average. But the taste is mostly the same, also the turn.

Overall It was a nice and interesting grow, I´ve learned a lot about this strain. The smoke is nice and tasteful, the effect is what I expected but stronger.

I´m not disappointed, no, I am very happy about it. :grin:

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
4 plants
Number of plants harvested
300 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
80% Sativa
20% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects


This nutrition line is awesome. Fully organic products, easy to use, very effective, highly concentrated. Never needed such tiny amounts of nutes so far.
Plants loved it, be careful, it´s powerful stuff.
Will definitely use this stuff again. Great job, Green Buzz!:muscle:


What a fantastic light in relation to its price. Worked well through the whole cycle, gave me lots of dense buds.

Commented by MarcXL MarcXL
1 year ago

At harvest day I just cut off the stem and let them dry hanging over as complete plant and will trim them afterwards. Smell is killing me, whole house is smelling like haze. Had a lot of work to separate the roots off the soil.

Grow Questions
MarcXL week 5 started grow question 1 year ago
As you can see on some pics of week 5 the 2 topped girls developed curled leaves.

PH is about 6.4, EC unknown and I can't measure. Organic nutrition, lowered dose as some leaves were on the darker green side.
I water them about all 5 days with 1500ml water
Leaves. Curl down
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Philindicus answered grow question 1 year ago
Your plants definately are clawing I would stop giving them all nutrients. If it was my grow I would give the ones that are clawing a bit of a flush until my runoff ppms were in the 600-750 range regardless of the fact that you are using organic nutes. Then let them dry out a bit before the next watering if the leaves straighten out before your next watering add 1/2 strength nutes. If they continue to recover then increase the nutrients gradually. What wasn't clear was it sounds like you water every 5 days? is that correct? If that is the case what may be happening is you may be waiting too long to water and as the soil dries out the concentration of the nutrients increases in the soil causing the toxicity. I would get a TDS meter to monitor the runoff ppms and ph in the future to make sure your plants are feeding on what your putting into them and it's not building up in the pots. Try to check your runoff once a week. You can either lower your nutes and feed every time or alternate with plain water in between feedings. Hope this helps.:+1:
MarcXL week 12 started grow question 1 year ago
Asking all the Green Buzz Liquid growers:
What experience did you make with clean fruits? Is it required to use clean fruits with flushing or is it okay just to water the girls with that additive without producing drain?
I mean, normally no need to flush organic nutes, right? :grin:
Techniques. Defoliation
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 1 year ago
Beeing organic or not, its no fun to smoke Nutrients. Ihave watered a few Girls with the " Clean Fruits" i did not water untl drain... but arouhd 5 litr for a20 l pot. ( slowly) and i cound see a few days later, that the leaves discolouring drasticly... i dont know how it works but it works. And the Grower PharmaZ wrote something to Clean fruits too.....He wrote something like he had eatn a leaf before flushing and after ( few days later) and the taste of the leaf changed . After flush the leaf only tstd like chloophyll iam looking to write it down in the comments
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Mrs_Larimar week 15

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! did @James saw them=?


@Mrs_Larimar, sure, he gets pictures every week.

Mrs_Larimar week 15

Such a nice Diary....To me a Top 5 one. Crossing Fingers

Oyziphar week 15

Beautiful harvest !:yum: Enjoy !!! :blush:

Oyziphar week 15

Beautiful diary. And my congratulations for the wonderful harvest. Looks delicious !

ClubRiot week 15

excellent work bro !!! :raised_hands::clap::+1::facepunch::muscle::pray:

Ganjagrandaddy week 15

Brilliant harvest Marc. nice job. looks very nice Indeed.

Ganjagrandaddy week 15

just popping 3 of these to run today. Seeing your result and review has given me a great advantage on their expected growth. Thanks marcxl