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Bloody Skunk by Sweet Seeds

Approved by Sweet Seeds
2 years ago
LED / 165W
LED / 50W
LED / 150W Mars TS 1000
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Commented by ewreck420 ewreck420
2 years ago

*** for some reason it won't let me set the temps on my diary.. When I type it in and go about the diary is automatically changes to 50°F... Weird.. Btw, I was able to bring the temps down a little.. Mostly cuz we had a cold front and I hate running the heater lol.. Gonna hate when summer comes.. Ugh.. AaAaAnyways.. She's starting to get a little more bushy and little pistils at almost every node!!.. Shouldn't be much longer till the flower stretch!!! I'm beginning to think that when you top autos, it tends to make the plant flower later than it normally would.. As long as its a healthy growing plant, it shouldn't stunt any growth.. The roots just keep coming and coming.. The cup is not really restricting them either.. More roots than any photoperiod that I've grown in cups. But, as they come out of the drain holes, I just snip off the tips of the roots as they poke out.. Not really seeing any issues with doing that. All-in-all, I'm happy with her so far!! I believe I'm seeing some purple on the main stems.. But there is NO WAY that there is any Cal-Mag issues.. No spots on the leaves.. pH is perfect (even the run-off).. Nothing.. Just some streaks showing up on the main stems.. I'm guessing it's the purple coming out???... Not for sure on that.. Never grew a purple/red strain before.. I can't wait to see the colors this girl is going to produce! I went ahead and watered with just a 1/2 dose of CALiMAGic because the run-off ppm was getting up to about 1500ppm when I'm only feeding her at about 900-1000ppm.. Noticed very very minor burns on the leaf tips.. But again.. No issues with growth and no spots or off colors..

Day 37 and the cup was as light as air.. I think I should start watering/feeding twice a day.. The runoff is coming out 5.7pH and 1300ppm.. There MAY be a little salt build up... Or salt is starting to build up.. She is still healthy as fuck tho!!!.. Maybe I can feed in the AM and just a Cal-Mag watering in the PM... Hmmm... On another note.. The side branches are catching up to the tops! The crowns aren't filled with pistils yet.. But I'm thinking the beginning of flower, along with the stretch, will be later this week or early next week! CAN'T WAIT!!! I bet she's gonna have some gorgeous colors!!

Day 38.. she is starting to show signs of, soon to be, pistils at the crowns.. I think she is gonna be flowering within the next 7 days or so.. I can't wait!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

Day 40 I think the stretch is starting!!! Also.. I'm waiting on a delivery which contains my new Mars Hydro TS 1000!!! I can't wait!!! Blurple makes me dizzy and gives me a headache.. 2 or 3 more days till it arrives! I just hope it doesnt get hotter than the Sunraise 1000 has been.. The Sunraise 1000 is a good light.. Ive pulled a couple nice yields.. But I hear sunlike is better.. By up to 30% better!!! I guess we shall see!!!

Day 41 and she has for sure began to stretch.. The (future) colas are beginning to form with a bunch of little pistils and stiples at this point! She's gonna be a gorgeous little girlie! She is still super happy and healthy.. I've been watering/feeding twice daily now cuz the medium would be super dry and the cup would be super light if I waited 24 hours to water/feed.. But again.. She is happy.. I am happy :blush: :blush: :blush:

Day 42 I got my new light!!! The MARS HYDRO TS 1000!!! Man this thing is AMAZING! It doesnt get as hot as my Sunraise 1000 as long as you keep a fan running on it.. The tent hasnt gotten over 77°F.. Just.. Wow.. And the footprint is pretty nice too! It covers my 32"×32"×64" tent perfectly.. The dimmer is kinda lame tho.. It's hard to find the damn screw inside there.. But other than that, this light is amazing.. IDK why the TS 600 I tried was so awful.. It almost seems like, with these lights, it's "hit or miss" when it comes to getting one that gets really hot.. Glad I got a good one this time. The blurple gets hard to look at.. Plus I can see all the imperfections on the plants now... Sorry to make this so long.. Amazon has banned me from leaving reviews and asking questions.. And they won't tell me why.. A**holes.. So, I felt I should leave the review here lol.. Anyways.. Happy and healthy week for the Bloody Skunk.. Colors should be poppin out soon!!!

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