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Bloody Skunk by Sweet Seeds

Approved by Sweet Seeds
2 years ago
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Commented by ewreck420 ewreck420
2 years ago

Day 71.. She's doing good.. Noticing a little light burn.. I'm guessing.. cuz the tops of most canopys are yellowing.. The purpleing isnt spreading as much as the yellowing.. It stays pretty warm in my tent tho.. Ugh.. She's still nice and healthy tho.. Added some Floralicious Plus to the mix.. Hoping to help stregthen her up some (without using Silica in flower) to handle the heat and to help trichome and terpene production... As I stated last week...

Day 73.. Gorgeous plant... Gorgeous flowers (even without the purple/red colors).. Gorgeous red stems.. Some pistils are beginning to turn.. Shouldn't be much longer! Smells is there.. But not overwhelming like some plants.. Also, not ALOT of trichomes.. But there are some there.. Still a gorgeous plant.. Calyxes are barely beginning to swell but the colas are already super dense... These are going to be some super nice nugs.. Can't wait!!!

Day 74.. Whoops.. I dropped her last night.. All she did was bounce lol.. Didn't skip a beat.. Literally bounced.. Lost like a 1/4 inch of loose medium.. Luckily it landed in the big saucer I use for my 5 gal fabric smart pots.. So I just poured it back into the cup.. But damn.. One hardy ass plant.. Besides the SuperDuperUltraCropping I did one the branch that needed to be removed lol.. Other than that.. She is still truckin along.. Gorgeous as ever (could be prettier if she were all purple/red) but I'm happy with her.. Even the main stalk is starting to turn purple/red.. Sorry that I keep saying "purple/red" but that is what it looks like.. I wish my temps would get much lower at night so at least the leaves would change to fall colors.. Ugh.. I hate where I live.. Too hot and humid.. I think growing outdoors would NOT work either because it will literally get 100F+ just in the spring time.. I don't even wanna talk about the summer.. Smh.. We only have like a month of actual winter weather.. My point being, It is waaay too hot for these plants to be grown outdoors.. I kinda wanna try one tho.. Just to see what would happen... :thinking_face::thinking_face::thinking_face:

Day 76.. Pistils are about 50/50 of whatever it is they do toward the end lol... Calyxes have kinda started to swell.. Judging by the calyxes that are older (the first ones that showed on the plant), these colas are gonna be extremely dense! They are already dense asf!!!.. Rock solid.. I can't wait to flush and harvest. I've started checking the trichomes.. And already alot of them are cloudy/milky! I hope I don't start the flush too late.. I still would like to wait till most of the pistils do what they do at the end of flower.. But, I have seen people harvest with the pistils still white and whatnot.. So, maybe I should just keep checking the trichomes.. I have even noticed a couple amber.. I guess I will start flushing after 1 more week of feeding.. Hmm.. Or.. Hmmm.. Damn, I'm not good at this.. I'll just start flushing this coming up week.. Even if I flush for 3 or 4 weeks.. I just want to make sure I flush for at least 2 weeks.. If anybody is paying attention out there.. Help me decide, please! Lolol.. I'll get some good close ups of the trichomes tomorrow!
... Later that night...
Yeah I couldn't wait.. Wanted to get some trichome pics in.. Yeah I can find a few amber.. But still has a week before flushing in my opinion.. The roots are turning green toward the bottom.. Im using a white MCD cup so I'm sure some light is still getting to the roots.. Which should shut people up about roots not liking light.. Well.. Maybe they don't like light.. But they can deal with it.. Proof is in the puddin... Don't knock it till you try it.. And stop repeating what you've read or heard from someone else.. That is one of my pet peeves lol.. Anyways.. Yeah.. I'll do a half dose of feedings for one more week then start the 2 week flush! Can't wait! Some calyxes are showing slight purpling.. My night temps don't get very low.. And day temps are super high.. But as long as she is happy.. I'm happy.. Happy wife.. Happy life lol.. I would marry Mary Jane for sure!...

Day 77.. It's the end of the world.. I mean.. Week (Corona Virus lol). She is drinking like a fucking alcoholic! When I go to work I have to leave some of the runoff in the runoff (McD) cup so she can have something to drink for 6 - 8 hours! And when I get home the medium is still dried out as if I had not even watered in the morning! I have to do this 3 times a day.. I also check the runoff PPM.. So that I know if I need to feed or just water the next time.. I've been keeping the runoff at about 1000-1200 PPM when feeding and I don't let it go under 700 PPM when watering. I WAS mixing CALiMAGic with the bottle that is just water (not feed) but the PPM would not drop like it should.. It would go from 1200 PPM to 1500 PPM.. So now I just used pH'd water at 6.1 - 6.3 for just the waterings.. and of course the nutes when its time to feed.. I have been using 6.1 - 6.3 pH her whole life cuz it seems to be the magic number for me.. When I go down to 5.8 she starts to show calcium def. But in flower she is a heavy drinker for sure! Now... On to the next week!!!.....

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Blackrider week 11

Beautiful plant just missing the color in my last harvest I had two bloody skunk one with color the other without color but for senescence the color has appeared ^^


@Blackrider, the calyxes haven't even swelled yet but each cola is super dense.. I can't wait to see what she yields in the end!!!


@ewreck420, With this variety your 75% chance of having color. You will have it at your next reclote ;)


@Blackrider, ive never seen stems turn as purple as these are.. Just wish the buds would have been purple also.. But I have like 7 or 8 more of these seeds.. Will be doing another one soon