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Bloody Skunk by Sweet Seeds

Approved by Sweet Seeds
2 years ago
LED / 165W
LED / 50W
LED / 150W Mars TS 1000
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Sweet Seeds - Bloody Skunk Auto®
Bloody Skunk Auto®
Sweet Seeds

Growing it




I grew this in a 24 oz. cup.. Which did not hurt a thing.. She grew without any hiccups (except for my own mistakes such as my SuperDuperUltraCropping lol)
Golf ball sized nugs.. Pretty dense.. Skunky asf.. To the point it kinda reeks tbh lol.. Maybe even like a stale cheese lol.. It terpenes for sure.. Nothing bad.. And alot of them. Plant didnt turn purple at the beginning of flower like everyone elses.. But the stems turned red.. Leaves also turned red/purple.. As well as the calyxes but like the way most strains kinda turn toward the end.. The heavy light exposed areas.. Tops of colas.. Now that its dried you cant really see it much =/ whatev lol.. I got a few more to experiement with. Happy woth the outcome, by far!

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What's on the scales?
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What's on the scales?
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Dry eyes

This is a bad ass light! So glad I made the choice to buy this light.. Just wish I didn't waste my money and time on all the past lights.. The Sunraise 1000 is legit asf too.. But just got tired of the blurple

Commented by ewreck420 ewreck420

She was grown in a 24 oz. cup with NO ISSUES.. Which leads me to believe that "rootbound" is nothing but a myth.. I have grown 4 other girls in even smaller cups.. Same outcome.. No issues whatsoever.. I will be updating more as the harvest progresses.. Im going to dry and cure the same way I did the White Widow I recently harvested.. Which is.. In the box I will run the fan for 24 - 48 hours.. Once I notice the plant is beginning to shrivel up some I will stop using the fan and go with how the buds feel.. I would rather jar them up too early because if the hygrometer reads 70% humidity then I can just lay her out for another few hours and jar her back up.. Once she is able to sit in the jar and doesnt go over 68% than i will only burp once every 2 or 3 days for about a week.. It all depends how dry she gets before curing.. Not going to count my chickens before they hatch.. That is just the way I have been able to dry and cure without ruining any terpenes since my environment is not all that great for drying and curing cannabis.. Anyways.. Will be updating as I go!!! So happy and excited.. But when I wake up I already know that Im going to jump up to check on her in the tent like I have been for the past 106 days lol.. Anyways.. Will be updating!!!

Day 108.. About 20 hours after harvesting.. She is still smelling lovely.. In the past it would start smelling like hay.. But I've figured out how to slow the drying process down with my awful environment.. I also cut the fan off for now.. I may cut it back on later today or tomo.. We shall see!!!

Day 109.. About 48 hours of drying.. Not sure if its the box I'm smelling along with the skunk.. But it's kinda smelling a bit weird.. Almost hay like.. Ugh.. I will be PISSED if I ruined this one.. Stems are still super bendy.. Not even close to snapping.. I'm going to leave the fan off for now.. The warmth in the room the box is in is probably enough to help dry.. Hopefully not gonna dry too fast.. Leaves are still not crisp.. So that's another good sign.. We will see what happens!!! So excited to give this nasty bitch a taste!!!

Day 4 of drying (after harvest)... Ok.. So I havent been noting anything down.. But this is what has happened so far.. The plant was pretty much dry on the 3rd morning.. Or so it felt.. Crispy.. Smaller stems were snapping.. So I put it in jars.. I havent weighed it yet tho.. Will do that later.. But after about 12 hours in the jars (3 Qt sized jars btw) the hygrometers were reading 72%, 74% and 78%.. So I left them out overnight for about 16 hours or so.. Maybe not even that long.. I put them in jars early this morning and left for work.. After about an hour or 2 in the jars, they were reading about 56% - 57%.. I hope I didnt over dry them overnight.. I went ahead and grabbed a nice sized nug to teat out for today.. Stoned asf.. Thats for sure.. But the smoke is still pretty harsh.. I can smell the skunk for sure still.. Its actually really stinky lol.. Like, not an attractive smell whatsoever lol.. But its for sure the terpenes.. Not any issues with them.. But when I get home.. I'll be able to get a better, longer reading on the huds today after last nights drying...
... Later.. Ok so one jar is reading at 62% second jar is reading 57% and the last jar is ready 54%... They all still smell great : 1: but I'm wondering if a nug from the 62% jar is not going to be as harsh as the jar at 54%.. Hmm.. May try that out later tonight..
... Even later.. Lol
So yeah the 62% jar is much smoother.. No harshness whatsoever.. Ok.. I see where I make my mistakes.. But can still save the smells and tastes.. Im sure the other jars will eventually lose the harshness.. I hope.. My Berry Ryder never lost any harshness.. That was harvested and a little overdried like over 6 months ago.. Still harsh.. But this strain doent smell like hay.. The worst smell you can smell when it comes to drying and curing.. For me atleast.. If it smells like hay.. The tepenes are long gone lol.. I have had my first 3 harvests come out like f'n hay.. But I think I got it figured out.. For the most part.. Just need to get better temps in drying.. Hmm.. Fuck it.. Maybe even use a evaporative cooling humidifier in the room with it.. Not in the box (obviously cuz the one I got would fill the drying box pretty much.. Its huge asf).. Load it up with ice daily.. Damn I forgot I had that thing.. I need it for my tent now actually.. Got a 20oz cup with a 4 week old ZkittleZ Glue (Photoperiod) from Expert Seeds.. Not even flowering yet that already smells dank asf.. Flippin it in the next few couple days actually.. Dont have a diary on her tho..anyhoo.. Will be updating and adding some updated pics in the AM...

About 4 days of curing... Well each jar is a bit different.. I am noticing that jar #1 is at 63% humidity and smells dank as fuuuuck.. No need for any humidity pack.. At least not right now. Jar #2 is at 58% humidity with a humidity pack and it smells pretty danky as fucky too.. But not as strong as jar #1.. And jar #3 is at 55-56% humidity with a humidity pack and doesnt really smell much.. It does.. But for sure not as strong as jar #1 and #2.. Which brings me to my next issue.. I bought these Integra Boost 62% Humidity Packs... They worked well about 6 months ago.. I left these others sealed up and protected for ANYTHING.. and now they fucking suck.. Is there a time limit on these fuckers? Does Boveda 62 Packs do the same shit??? Ugh.. Wasted money like a mf'r.. If I took the packs out of jar #2 and #3 it would not change the humidity whatsoever.. I thought they would at least do SOMETHING.. a couple more digits up.. But hell no.. I even handled the fuck out of them hoping to stir em up and "active" em or some shit lol.. But nope.. Nothing.. These things suck.. Boveda 62 is my next purchase.. But I'll wait for my next harvest.. Smh.. Maybe if I double up they will work better? Such a fucking waste.. It was about 65 or 66 grams all together.. I already smoked about a gram to try it out.. So now ill just say its 64 grams. Not bad for a 24 oz cup grow in my opinion...

By the way.. Integra Boost 62% Humidity Packs SUCK!!!. They did work the first time I used them. But about 30 - 60 days later I used 2 more gor these jars.. And it cant keep anything above what it naturally was in the jar.. Sometimes I feel like mixing them up in their package.. Like crumpling the whole thing up and moving all the gel, or whatever thats inside, around to help.. Activate it?? Lol it brought it up 1%.. Thats it.. I even put 4 of them in a jar of bud that was already 58%.. With all 4 Integra Boost packs.. 60% on a good day lol.. Boveda packs too a few days to start working.. But ai had to kinda "activate" them as well.. After 4 days of "activating" and NOW the jars are 62% - 63% from natually about 57% and 58%... The third jar is natually at 62% - 63% so I just burp that one once a week.. Smells so super skunky! Tastes amazing.. Nugs are pretty dense also.. Lots of red hairs (dead pistils) which kinda help for the bag appeal more than anything.. As a kid growing up.. I always thought it was the hairs that got you high.. I also thought that you could just plant them outside anytime of the year.. And that the thc was stored in the roots.. Thats why they hang plants upside down.. So my first couple harvests as a kid (2 grams max and only flowered for probably 5 weeks if not only 4) and hug the entire plant upside down including the dirty ass roots that I had in the mud ai was using to grow them in. Smh.. What was I thinking?!?! Haha... Anyways.. Boveda packs are working.. Integra Boost packs stop working if you dont use them up within a month.. Smh.. Trash.. Fucking trash

Smoke review

Garreweedlover week 15

Hello friend, usually you do not perform pruning, training, or transplantation to the car, but you found it super good!!! If you could stop by my diaries and give some like I would thank you, greetings


Thanks growmie!

Sweet_Seeds week 15

We hope you enjoy the fruits of your labour ;)

Stay sweet!


@Sweet_Seeds, of course! Thank you! There will be a 2nd Bloody Skunk journal coming soon!

Jpsmash week 15

Those clips for curing are amazing lol


@Jpsmash, yes!!! They are awesome!!! I also use them for low stress training!! I keep a crap load of all sizes lolol

Buddha2 week 15

Congratulations on your harvest! Well done! :+1:


@Buddha2, thanks! Excited to taste her!!!