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Bloody Skunk by Sweet Seeds

Approved by Sweet Seeds
2 years ago
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Commented by ewreck420 ewreck420
2 years ago

Day 92.. Removed some more yellow leaves.. Just the ones that pretty much just fell off with slight tug.. I figure if it comes off that easily its probably not doing much else good and is gonna fall off soon anyway.. But still left some yellows that were still on pretty tight. The pics of the trichomes don't do much justice in my opinion. Its a 60x and I zoom all the way in with my phone camera.. I can spot a couple amber.. Not many but a couple.. I'm thinking another 2 weeks and there should be AT LEAST 5% amber.. If a little more than 5%,that's fine with me also.. The older calyxes are beginning to purple.. From the tips growing towards the base of each calyx.. The couple of amber trichomes I can find are in the purple parts of the calyxes. It seems almost like the calyxes that have white pistils are foxtails.. I could be wrong.. Its not alot but they are newer calyxes it seems.. I try not to check those trichomes cuz they arent even cloudy yet.. Anybody got their 2 cents on that??....

Day 93.. Happy 4/20/2020 you guys! I should have started this from the beginning.. But I'm going to start flushing with distilled water pH'ed to 6.1 - 6.3.. I already have some declorinizated (lol jk) (declorinated) tap water waiting to be pH'ed and used.. Not that disposing it wouldn't be losing out on much of anything. So, probably about the middle of this week, I should start using the distilled water.. Trying to get the runoff TDS as low as possible.. For AT LEAST a good 7 days.. The fan leaves are pretty much all sucked dry of their nutrients as far as I can tell.. The warmth has been causing the dying leaves to curl upward.. As they die.. Which I'm not too worried about.. The terpenes are still there.. Such a fun experience.. I'm thinking of using a few 32 OZ cups are start 2 Fast Buds Blackberry Autos and 2 Fast Buds Purple Lemonade Autos.. Make sure I get some purple buds this next time.. Like a little SOG 32 OZ cup thing goin on.. Just a thought.. Haven't got it all figured out yet.. Ive got 100's of seeds being safely stored in my refrigerator and ready to blossom into gorgeous lovely ladies! **just a stoned post today.. Lol... Happy 420!***

Day 94.. Just another flush day.. Gonna just use some tap water 6.2 pH and the TDS already reads 230-240 PPM.. But in another 2 days I should have started on the distilled water (0-10 PPM) also pH'd between 6.1 and 6.3 pH. 95 % of the stems, including the main stalk, are red.. It's pretty cool looking. The pics barely do any justice. The smells are intensifying, as well.. One gorgeous plant...

Day 95.. Just such a GLORIOUS girl is all I can say.. The fan leaves have faded into red.. The stems turned red as fuck.. The calyxes are beginning to turn purple. I've got like 7 or 8 more of these seeds.. I can't wait to see the other phenotypes!!!

Day 96!!! Damn this is taking for-fucking-ever.. Wtf.. Well I have noticed a few more amber trichomes! Finally!!! I can only spot some amber at the very top of each main cola. The bottom of each cola is still showing some clear/cloudy.. Lower branches still look a little clear/cloudy.. Hopefully, my timing is just right! So, so freaking gorgeous!!!.. She smells a bit musty.. Not like a bad rotten smell or anything.. But like a certain type of skunkish smell lol.. Not sure how else to try and explain it lol. I'm sure it will change during and after drying and curing.. Of course. But as of right now.. The smell is a little off to me.. Strong.. But not your typical cannabis sativa indica type smells. Still so in LoVe with this lady!

Day 98.. Damn almost 100 days from seed.. Trichomes are gettin there.. There are alot of cloudy.. For sure some more amber since last week.. I think 1 more week would be perfect. Got colas floppin over lol.. I love that issue tho.. Still smells wretched lol.. But dank.. I stopped pH'ing the water because I am just using distilled water now. When I add 1 drop of pH down it takes it down to 5.2 or some super acidic number.. That's crazy.. I think it has something to do with distilled water not containing any ions in the water.. Some shit I read on the manual I that came with my Apera pH meter.. So I might use tap water that was ran thru a Britta Water filter next time.It brings my tap water from 230-240 PPM down to 160 PPM when ran thru this filter.. Plus my bottles are left with bubbles like tap water normally will leave.. And the filter brings the tap water down from like 7.7pH down to about 6.5 - 6.7 pH.. These little filters are kinda cool.. Now just hoping that they last.. I wish I had an RO filter but I dont and its almost impossible for me to get and use one here.. But this works fine for me. One thing I noticed tho.. Our city does NOT use chlorine... And they dont tell us what they use.. But it says on our yearly water testing records that they use a "non-chlorine sanitizer" whatever the fuck that is.. Shady ass mf's lol.. This week is coming close to the end. Hope you guys enjoy the video I made today!!!

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MadeInGermany week 14

She looks very Beautfull :+1::+1:


@MadeInGermany, yes she does.. Almost there