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Hydro test GSC

2 years ago
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weeks 3,4,...
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Commented by AlienScrOG AlienScrOG
2 years ago

Try hydro ... Good luck for me

Grow Questions
AlienScrOG week 3 started grow question 2 years ago
Mentalità : Matura esperienza
Temperature max water ?.... No level of water the c° max and of i dont do what do the root ? I can go to 25c° o Is so much ?
Roots. Color - Brown
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Master_weeda answered grow question 2 years ago
Hello my friend
Today, we know that most plants grow properly with water between 20 and 25oC, and also thanks to the experience of many growers, we know that the roots grow better with water of about 18-19oC, although nutrient absorption is lower, which is why rooting marijuana cuttings will be easier. However, at about 23oC, nutrient assimilation is maximum. In this way, the best temperature for water is between 20 and 23oC approximately. Apart from an appropriate temperature, which you can easily obtain with a water thermometer and heating, remember that an extra supply of oxygen in the nutrient solution will never be a bad idea.
Good luck for your grow :crossed_fingers::seedling:
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Fast_Buds week 1

Hey there,

Thanks so much for running a diary of our genetics :raised_hands:

Let us know if you need any assistance, we’re more than happy to help.

Happy Growing !!! :seedling::shamrock::palm_tree::four_leaf_clover::herb::deciduous_tree:

EvilGrower week 1

When in week one did you first give nutrients?