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Run 2

10 months ago
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Grow medium
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What's on the scales?
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Grow Questions
GrowGuy97 week 1 started grow question 1 year ago
Keep or pull
This seedling is only growing 1 leaf for some reason? Any suggestions on keeping it or pulling it?
Leaves. Too few
Leaves. Other
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 1 year ago
if it's alive.. let it grow. ugly ducklings often turn into swans :P metaphorically speaking. Can always change your mind later if it is overtly obvious of it's uselessness, but that's uncertain at the moment.
GrowGuy97 week 4 started grow question 1 year ago
Transplanted this plant a few days ago and hasn’t done much since and now the leaves are getting these spots on them any ideas what’s wrong?
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Plant. Other
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Insanityprofound answered grow question 1 year ago
Been a novice please take this as novice response.
Few days is nothing since repot.
Time must be given for the roots to stretch in to the fresh soil.
Personally I would remove the leaf and make sure the pot is not dry... Water to edge to get the roots to seek :muscle:
GrowGuy97 week 5 started grow question 1 year ago
Light green
Hello fellow growers! Just wondering why the Gelato Og on the right is such a lighter green color? Does it look alright? It’s by far the biggest plant in the tent but it’s also the lightest in color & looks much different than my other Gelato Og out of the same pack? Thanks!:seedling::v::skin-tone-3:
Leaves. Other
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 1 year ago
Could be a pH issue with that plant locking out nutrients. Or just a lighter colored phenotype if there's nothing wrong with your pH. I have the same thing on a few in my tent. If not yellowing or browning show up I'd just keep plugging along. They look quite healthy! Happy Growing! :i_love_you_hand_sign::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
GrowGuy97 week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Should I defoliate before putting them in flower tomorrow to open up some bud sights or just let them go?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Bloombuster answered grow question 1 year ago
Hi brother! :wave:
They don't need defoliation! They have all the points of growth open! They have too little foliage to sacrifice it so crazy! It needs foliage to form new growth points and internodes! I really don't recommend scrapping such young girls! :point_up_2:
Just let them go and they'll be happy! :ok_hand:
Good luck bro! :fist: :innocent:
GrowGuy97 week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Should I use a scrog net or no? 4 plants that already have bud will be harvested in the next 2 weeks! It’s the rest of the plants first day of flower so I will have 9 plants in 5 gallon pots in a 5x5! Thanks in advance
Techniques. ScrOG
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 1 year ago
I scrogged 6 in 5 gallon pots in a a 4x4... And that was almost too much imo.. I'd just let them grow.. maybe do a bit of lst.. to spread them out like you want.. I'm almost ready to stop scrogging.. It makes it very hard to take care of them if you can't get to all sides of your tent.. :facepunch:
GrowGuy97 week 7 started grow question 1 year ago
3rd day in flower & noticing some rusty spots:sweat_smile: calcium deficiency or something else?
Leaves. Color - Dark-purple
gmslave answered grow question 1 year ago
Hey bro. If their half way up the plant and near the top, and your using fabric planters it simply needs more water to saturate the entire root system. Fabric planters are tough to water when they fill with roots. All you nutes and water come out the sides. Great for your nute supplier, shitty for you. Cheers friend
GrowGuy97 week 10 started grow question 11 months ago
Mold? Hermie? What to do??
Found some powdery stuff on one of my leaves think it might be mold:sweat_smile: any help or suggestions would be great. Also think the same plant is a Hermie after further inspection! Should I harvest it now or what should I do???
Leaves. Other
Plant. Other
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DoDrugs420 answered grow question 11 months ago
Take out the mold buds and use for alcohol extraction as alcohol kills the mold and holds the thc.
The others buds either leave or harvest, leaving it may cause her to pollinate others around, this may be good or not depending on this next paragraph.
If she was a hermie from the beggining then harvest and avoid pollination of the other ones. If she was a female and polinated herself, congratulations you have gotten yourself a wholr batch of feminized seeds, in this situation i would even let her pollinate other strains around just for the sake of gambling on discovering a new "Gorilla Glue 4" i mention this one because shr was discovered this way, you can read more about it on fastbuds blog, article about gorilla glue, and after shr polinated another strain's female i would just save those seeds for next grow, and ser what fortune has landed on you, hopefully the next gen of high thc, hopefully one with up to 40% thc or at least a really powerfull cannabinoid profile.
In relation to the bud, you can do a dry sift wich will get you just the good part of bud without ruining the seeds or the smoking experience, all you need is a mesh to do it.

Hope it helped out, good luck growmie and wish you a good discovery shall you choose to go down that path.
GrowGuy97 week 12 started grow question 11 months ago
And ideas what is wrong with my NL? I have 2 growing, one seems to be doing alright the other has some really rough looking leaves, I added some calmag last week because it was looking like a calcium deficiency but not so sure anymore:sweat_smile:
Leaves. Tips - Die
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
Thraxa answered grow question 11 months ago
Looks like potassium defiency to me . If you are already supplying pk to the plant . Check your run off PH . If it's wayy out . Could be a lockout issue . Other than that though they look great .
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 11 months ago
I ah.. Think there is too much and you are now in lock out territory.. You should water to run off and check the TDS and you will know where you stand with that end.. Judging from the overall look you are quite heavy on the nutrients all around..