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Triple double grape a la vipar spectra

8 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Worm castings
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
weeks 3,4,...
weeks 5,8
Mephisto Genetics - Double Grape
Double Grape
Mephisto Genetics

Growing it




Two out of three turned out fantastic. Unfortunately the one plant was just a flop. Perhaps grower error (over fertilization/lockout) or perhaps genetic. Not really sure what happened but the buds are very leafy and it has only half the trichome density of the other two.

So more about the good ones.

Excellent trichome coverage. As good as some of the frostiest photoperiod strains I've grown.

Pungent terps. One smells like funky over ripe sweet berries. The other smells like tart sour berries with a sharp pine in the back. The third one though has weak (thankfully) aroma that smells like when your spouse comes home from the gym and her fruity pit stick has started wearing off:unamused: not terrible. Just not pleasant either.

Best bud density for an auto I've ever grown. The two good ones had similar density though they had different size/amount of sugar leaves.
Strong effects. I've tried both of the good ones now and they have the same heavy handed indica effects. Easily on par with photoperiod varieties. Just a few puffs and you melt into whatever you happen to be sitting on.

The only reason it lost a star on the rating was that one plant that failed and only because I don't know if it was a genetic thing that failed.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
3 plants
Number of plants harvested
190 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
10% Sativa
90% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

User error. Do your research before using in peat based soils. Peat is naturally acidic and so is this fertilizer. I had to use extreme amounts of ph up to adjust this and ended up having lockout issues.

This product works great with ro, however, for peat based soil grows just use tap water as long as it's within a certain ppm. Check promix's recomendations.

Not sure if this impacted the grow at all. I used a couple of times but I was having nutrient and ph issues so I stopped.

This stuff works great for soil however I would recomend against using it with synthetic nutes.


Great Lights for cheap. Even better with discount code from Dr. Coco.


No issues after 2 years now.

Commented by indoorontario indoorontario

Harvest was completed after 81 days at 20 hours of light each day. All three plants yielded roughly the same amount within just a few grams of each other (even the leafy one and the one that I snapped the top off while doing lst)

The leafy plant had stretched to almost twice the height of the other two. It had more bud sites that were spaced well apart and while the tops are of almost passible density the rest of the lower buds are larf. Again, not sure if this was a nutritional issue or genetic. This plant produced 37 grams which will likely be either cooked or turned into bubble hash even though it doesn't have great trichomes.

The one that I accidently topped at week five grew six solid colas about 6 inches long. This one produced fairly solid buds of a very good size and potency. This one still produced 36 grams even without the top although the smell is different and less pungent than the other good plant.

The winner of them all survived all the lst despite her incredibly tough, short branches. The main cola of this plant got really thick and had six more satellite branches that were also quite dense. This one is incredibley pungent, tasty and potent. This one, while it seemed larger, produced only 38 grams. Just a little more than the one that got topped.

I'm not sure if the topping of the plant caused the change in terps but I guess it could be a stress thing, although I'm still very happy with that one anyway.

I've learned a few things during this grow as well. Seeing these issues I was having with these plants lead me to do a bit of a deeper dive on researching my medium.

Smoke review

Grow Questions
indoorontario week 0 started grow question 11 months ago
Bloom booster for denser buds?
Does anyone out there have experience with, and/or had success or failure using bloom boosters? I want to give my plants the kick they need to produce a denser bud, but with the numbers on these boosters how does it not cause lockout or toxicity?
Buds. Other
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TheUk420Show answered grow question 11 months ago
I have about a year experience with powdered nutrients used in high concentrations and yes it can work very well. Though you have to be very careful where you use it and what you use it with. Most of these products are to be used in water alone and not mixed with other nutrients like your base b feed. as the previous grower has state this will more than likely cause toxicity. If you had started the cycle using liquid nutrients I would advise just following the feeding table that your current nutes provide. If you think you need more PK then I'm sure you can increase the volume of base b you are using. These "shooting powders" are highly concentrate leaving very little room for error. at a glace the NPK rating is worrying yes plants dont need alot of nitrogen in the flower cycle but they do still need a fair amount this is why you use both a and b formulas with most nutrients. I can see this has a use maybe in the last week if you have a large plant any earlier than that I would think you would be in trouble. Though I could be wrong this is all just my experience. My ultimate advise would be save your cash and up you b feed. least with the feed tables you have some sort of guidance to go by :) best of luck for the grow and if you need any powdered nutrient recommendations hit me a pm it is much cheaper than playing the brand game and so much more control. in basics all companies claim to have the best formula to grow cannabis. if you think about it all you are paying for is the same chemicals in different proportions these being NPK why not have the exact chemicals and mix your own so you can make sure you are giving your ladies exactly what they need :)
indoorontario week 1 started grow question 11 months ago
Lux for measuring led light?
Anyone familiar with using the lux light measurements with full spectrum leds? I've got the free app on my phone and read some online guides but any advice or shared experiences would be helpful.
Setup. Lighting
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GuerrillaNo_4 answered grow question 11 months ago
I can help you buddy. It's a little technical so I broke it down in steps.
You can do Step 1 only if you want, but if you want more accuracy you can move onto step 2 & 3 also.

1. Use this calculator to calculate your PPFD:

- Just select the light type and then input your average LUX readings at canopy. It'll tell you roughly what your PAR/PPFD is.

2. If you want to go a step further in accuracy, you can calculate your Daily Light Integral (DLI) here:

-I believe a DLI of between 40-55 is optimal depending on your other inputs (Temps/Humidity/Co2). I think Dr. Bruce Bugbee runs at about the same range (sorry, I don't have a reference for that one)

(**DLI is the most important light measurement. If you think of it this way, light is the plants main food, and the plant eats little light photons all day, and just like humans, it can only eat so much a day.

The DLI is the exact amount of light photons your plant eats each day. So you want to feed the plant as much light Photons as possible without overfeeding and making it sick.**)

I hope this helps and I hope I simplified it as much as possible, if you want me to elaborate or clarify anything, please ask.
Harukisan week 12

Congratulations! :clap:
Looks great!

Can't wait to see how mine turns out.

GYOweed week 12

What happened is: Ruderalis.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. -Alebert Einstein

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@GYOweed, I'm sure there's a lot of truth to that statement about Ruderalis. But it can't be true that autoflower genetics have to act like that. I wonder what autos are going to look like in ten years...


@GYOweed, haha


@indoorontario, thanks, your reply shows every auto grower and reaffirms Mr. Einstein.

MrJones week 12

:100::+1:Great Looking Harvest and Diray Congratulations on the DOM!!:+1::100:


@MrJones, thanks man, I can't believe I placed in the top ten:hugging_face: there were some other pretty great diaries in there. So Happy!!!

Mrs_Larimar week 12

Congratulations for your Cupwinning Diary

Silky_smooth week 12

Congrats on your win....:pray::heart:

DreamIT week 12

Congratulations on the diary of the month! :the_horns::the_horns::unicorn_face:

WeedWhisperer week 12

Congrats on the DOM!!

TenderBuds week 12


Homestickycannabis week 12

Great job bro :ok_hand:. Really nice colors. I've been trying to get ahold of some Maphisto Genetics but all the seed banks I use are always sold out. Any recommendations ?


@Homestickycannabis, depends on where you are. If you are in Canada they will be open for a brief period this Monday 10 am. If you're in the u.s. harvest mutual has some available.

DoDrugs420 week 12

Nice Double Grape!

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