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Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. is a Canadian company that based in British Columbia. It specialises in the wholesale distribution of quality products for indoor and outdoor gardening and for hydroponics.

Green Planet has its own products line that delivers everything your plants need to provide the impressive results.

Green Planet has over 20 years experience in the hydroponics industry. It has refined a standart to ensure superior quality control. The production is based on the newest technologies and high quality raw materials to deliver the finest nutrients to the market.

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DKBJJ Newbie
Strain Dependent....but mine did not like these at full strength. Happy with the outcome but may switch to Nutrients that do not require a flush (organic) Using Autopots made flushing properly difficult. Will not use them again.
3 hours ago
Dadasgrow Apprentice
Didn’t use much. Might for my next transplant.
12 hours ago
ChefDan420 Master
I started with GPN, then ran out & switched to GHE.
6 days ago
Kushlove420 Apprentice
I didn't use this brand
3 weeks ago
Very clean line up. Very easy to follow the feeding schedule, and doesn't seem to really burn the plants. As documented throughout the diary, I started with a lower concentration than suggested and gradually brought it up until signs of excess such as clawing began and then brought back down the dose a notch. Medi one, a one part organic base, so no salt buildup which is great. Liquid w8 comes also highly recommended to keep the soil biology alive. Massive is another very popular blooming nutrient which worked very well for me. And finally Finisher which gives all those micronutrients, and you need such a small amount to mix into the solution that it's worth it. Final note, these are all acidic and will usually require a pH up.
4 weeks ago

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Hi, I am currently using your Terpinator product on one of my current grows. Could you please approve my scrog diary?


Hey guys id love to try your product and support candian . do you guys have sample packs you could give me to try out?