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MisterSix started grow question 6 months ago
My temp when the light off is higher than the temp when the light on because i let it on at night when it' cooler, does it affect the bloom phase, light off around 32-33 Celcius / light on around 28-31 Celcius RH is 45%-50%
ZombieKushxPurplePunch + GreenBuzzLiquid
17 weeks
ZombieKushxPurplePunch + GreenBuzzLiquid MisterSix
Zombie Kush x Purple Punch
24 comments · 2 months ago
Week 4
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Jef79 answered grow question 6 months ago
Hello.. Hope you are well.. I have 2 tents running 12/12 at opposites so i know why u do night grow.. Ideally u need an extraction fan to shift stale air and heat out of ur growing area.. If u can get roughly same levels as wen light is on it will b better for them but 28c is still a bit warm for her.. If adjusted temp is a non option then try growing a sativa strain(or hybrids of) these cope wit heat better but grow taller(just lst them tho).. Stay safe n gud luck with ur growing.. :+1::four_leaf_clover:
Removed answered grow question 5 months ago
Hi, gardener! a lot of people grow like you because at night electricity is cheaper and temperatures are lower so if you have a lamp Hps it is perfect to keep a good temperature. if you have a few degrees of difference do not worry but instead pay attention to not have a higher humidity in flowering and if Never you can make sure you don't exceed 28 degrees that would be perfect so maybe you can add a fan even though I don't think the temperature will drop a lot. Good luck to you
ijustdontgiveaf answered grow question 6 months ago
a temperature of over 30 degrees is quite warm.. definitely on the very high side
i would suggest adding a co2 generator as they can then handle the higher temperatures easier.. i made one myself out of 2 bottles, some water, yeast and sugar ;)