Hi Guys i need a little help, maybe advice or make...

rudy_outmanstarted grow question 6 years ago
Hi Guys i need a little help, maybe advice or make me calm.. Due to age of my lady, is the colour of some leafs ussu usuall or im making smthng wrong.Only some of the leads are dyed in this way, mostly those where sun shined the most.May i cut them? Thx for answe could help me :
Week 9
Leaves. Curl down
CRiSPrGrowanswered grow question 6 years ago
I'm not a big fan of cutting leaves personally, the more the photosyntesis works the better energy the plant has to make flower. Late in flower I'm adding a bit of sulfur making sure nutrients are available to the plant with zym and acids - not really poking around because if you have some leaves during dry maybe some of the grassy taste can maybe go to the leaves when I dry trim. I guess you don t have long now so good luck with the harvest my friend ! cool grow!
Stickanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hi @rudy_outman! Yes you can remove the crispy/brown/dead leaves, but the question you should ask is "why do I get those symptoms". And here's a clue: your plant looks very dark, I guess it's because of a slight Nitrogen toxicity, probably because of FishMix. Now that she's in the end of her flowering stage, I'd recommend to slow down on FishMix doses and Nitrogen intakes, all she needs is some PK booster and much love 😉Also, I've seen some thrips marks onto your dead leaves, this could also explain why some leaves are having issues. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing 👊
mad_scientistanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hello @rudy_outman ! It is very natural for some lower leafs to start dying as the plant grows . You are not doing something wrong . There is not a huge damage to the leaf. It was a little bit unnecessary to cut it . A leaf is efficiently operational even when 50 % of its area is damaged. By saying efficiently operational i mean it is making photosynthesis and producing energy at higher rates than it is consuming. A leaf needs to be cut when it has a major damage or if it blocks the air circulation or if it doesn't get enough light and that's when it becomes inefficient . An other reason to trying to keep these leafs or some of them its because they work as indicators. The first signs of any major problem will be shown upon these lower leafs. If you don't have them then you might not see the signs soon enough. Anyway your plant is looking great ! Don't worry... Happy growing ! 👊
DudeGrowsWeedanswered grow question 6 years ago
Sure, you can cut off the dying leaves. I do it whenever I see it personally. It helps prevent the plant from using energy to try repairing the dying leaves and puts the energy into the healthy parts of your plant - like the buds. Good luck 👍
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