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Dieharr started grow question 6 years ago
im looking for a good way and cheap way to grow. i have 5 kids so i have to be cheap any info on this would be great
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Dieharr Dieharr
Blue Dream
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Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
I made a grow closet similar to the "super-closet" but all DIY. The most expensive part is the lighting system but all the other parts could be found in the streets or on local offers/ads. For the lighting system, I recommend LED since it is very durable, it does not produce heat or noise, and it will not burn your plant/dog tail/kid's hands - or whatever would touch hit !
Chameleon answered grow question 6 years ago
The quickest and easiest is to buy a small tent setup,with soil as a medium its easy to set up and to take down and there's no damage to house, everything is included ( look on ebay etc your'e local grow shop ). Soil is more forgiving for beginer's and contains enough nutrient's to start plant's off for a few week before any feeding will be necessary.I would probably choose CFL's as a light choice as it's not as hot ( good where kid's are concerned ) and requires less cooling / ventilation than H.I.D lights. Your'e biggest problem is keeping your'e kids away from them (lot's of hazards !!) You could lock your'e bedroom door ( the tent's do look wardrobe like !! ) even better put tent in loft/cellar, out of reach.
burnerac answered grow question 6 years ago
Have you considered Space Buckets? See also: They claim the total cost is about $100. I was going to try space buckets but then I built a hidden room behind a closet, added a 63"x32"x32" tent, carbon filter, etc and my costs are just under $700 but that includes $180 in hidden hinges for the secret door. I am thinking of setting up some space buckets for germination and vegetation then using the hidden closet for flowering. Knowing the children won't find the hidden closet is a comfort but surpasses "cheap." I would highly recommend looking into Space Buckets.
TheFairyBudMother answered grow question 6 years ago
I grow in my spare shower. I’m using a blackout curtain and industrial velcro to light seal.The biggest expenses then are your light, I use LED, grow medium, pots, nutrients. If you can grow outside, even less $. It gets easier and less expensive with each grow.
Marquise_ao_Sul answered grow question 6 years ago
Hi! I see the major problem, maybe the curiosity of the kids on spots, hiddens, etc :-) but I made some grows this winter ( I have one boy 3 years old ), in my marquise ( glass closed balcony) .
But to be possible to my kid enter in the balcony and I can "hide" the grow panfarnallia I have to buy a 0,8X0,8X1,6 meters and was easy...but I dont know with older kids... but I think it must be confined to some more private place... in or outdoor..
In material.. I used a 150W cfl and 250w HPS lamps+balaster , a timer, two fans for air in-out , a tent, 4 pots of 7 liters, and some nutes..ya biobizz or advanced nutrients go fine...
You could have some new smoke every month after one/two harversters...depends of the sucess...
Automatic seeds always..less time..more efective ( in your case).
If you are low budget you have to diy tent or old fridge or closet... remeber .. one of the most important in mind is air circulation from out-in from place you choose to grow!
The price of electricity its another issue but in minimum for 1 meter square, in my opinion, the power that i refer before.
CANNASIM answered grow question 6 years ago
Hi there Dieharr,

Cheapest way to grow is like I started, few autoflower seeds, 15l pot with peat/perlite, general purpose fertiliser from neudorf, and a balcony/window... Got between 15-25g dry from each our trials. No electricity bill to pay or anything that made a difference... No PH or EC meter, no PH down or up, just water - general purpouse fert alternating in waterings...

Than I transformed a bathroom shower box into a grow, the experience was amazing and still cheap, putted up some cfls, and they did the job, had no real air income or out air, just some fans and the bathroom extractor...

Though with time I have to say that not always the cheap is cheap in the long run, so at least for the lights I strongly suggest you invest a bit to get one you will be satisfied with for some time, like an LED, mine is a cheap Chinese from Aliexpress, if you choose indoor grow there are many options as the others suggested...

All the best, good luck in your journey,
Green09Ranger answered grow question 6 years ago
Hi brother! You can check my diary and ask me some questions if you want, I'm going in a super very low cost grow, only money I spend till now, 5 euros. The only thing I advice you is to get a good soil. Then you will not need spend extra money in nutrients. T5 lights and that's it. Check my diary or ask for something if you need bro ;) Big hug and a very happy grow!!
JUNGLE_B4RNS answered grow question 6 years ago
Lights : T5
Fan: cheapest one from Walmart
Soil: very important, the best you can get certified for horticulture
Nutrients : None ! Growing NO TILL method, just some homemade compost tea and worms cast . Look on YouTube Chef Derek Butt channel there’s everything you need to know about growing NO TILL.
1 pH meter
1 bottle of any pH - down
1 closet or a lil closing room
Some seeds or clones
A bit of patience
And that’s it
Jeff123fish answered grow question 6 years ago
Get used t-5 light a couple of pots 5 or 6 gallons and the best soil you can afford. The reason I say larger pots and good soil is weed really doesn’t need as many additives as some like to give them. You can grow with enough good soil and appropriate lighting without anything else. Now thing can be bigger and better if you can afford basic nutrients but they are not totally nessicary. Best of luck
Removed answered grow question 6 years ago
There are many factors that might make it cheap or expensive: amount of light, media used (hydro, coco or soil), nutrients are the most important.

Let's start with light: I'm using screw led bubs (you can check my diaries). 6 bulbs to be precise. That's 60 watts for veg and 78 watts for flower (first time it was 60 watts for flower too) and it allowed me to harvest 50 grams, enough for personal consumption between harvests. With 78 watts (6*13 watts bulbs) I expect at least 60 grams, something like 2 jars of dry bud.

Media. Go with soil, it's simple and a good substrate will feed the plants for weeks, saving you expensive nutrients. Any heavy mix, complete mix, all mix will do. I use Biobizz Allmix, because it's easy to find here and cheap, there's also Plagron Allmix, Topcrop heavy mix or complete mix, canna professional or professional plus. I use 3 gallon/11 liter pots and it only needs additional nutrients 4 weeks into flowering. That is 3 to 5 feedings depending on the strain.

Nutrients. Go simple a flower nutrient and a growth nutrient, depending on your water quality you might need a calcium/magnesium additive, but only get it if you see a glaring deficiency. Don't buy anything like boosters, finishers or the more expensive stuff. I use Biobizz Biogrow and Biobizz Biobloom, that's it, nothing else from their line. There are others of course, this ones are easy and cheap to find here.