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Removed started grow question 5 years ago
One of the fours second inter node is starting to turn what seems to be purple.
Could this be an issue, genetic trait or even the influence of a purple LED?
Week 1
Leaves. Color - Dark-purple
Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi @ThePanda! At this stage, this is probably nothing to worry about. Take a look under another light and see how it goes in a few days, but I'm confident she'll be OK. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 5 years ago
ha yeah man i've been there too... this stage of the growth is the most intensely stress for the grower, you're always stressed hoping to get a good result. Good news is there's nothing to worry about - the leaves are in full expansion so sometimes they're gonna get a bit darker a bit lighter or even a bit purple in your case. Nothing to worry about so chill, and enjoy the show. At this early stage you can even see the plant growing hour by hour, it's amazing. Good luck my friend - i'm rooting for you !