As a first time coco coir grower what are some thi...

TheWeedManstarted grow question 6 years ago
As a first time coco coir grower what are some things to look out for or make sure to do? This is my 3rd growing experience, my previous two grows were done in soil. So I’m not a complete noob. Please provide a good break down on the coco coir growing experience for me.
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TheBudWhispereranswered grow question 6 years ago
Dude - no reach out on this? I found it on a browse and I’ve been thinking on a Pure GSC strain for a while now! Both ironic and Sweet! Will follow. Now with respect to coco - IMO it’s not much different from soil but I trust you’ve already seen that it’s got much better drainage properties. The key difference is it’s nutrient holding power in relation to soil as well as appropriate supplementation of the nutrients that soil has, that coco lacks (ie. calmag). As long as you supplement for the first month or so with calmag and keep a close eye out for nutrient burn (go easy/not full strength with nutrient formula for first run) it should be very similar to a soil grow. That’s the best I got for ya. Made the switch to coco myself because I like hand watering but would prefer a slightly faster growth rate. Cheers broski and looking forward to this one growing out!!!👊👍
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